Where Is Mad Max's Wasteland, And How Does It Fit With The Films?


During our visit to Avalanche Studios’ offices, I spent hours exploring the Wasteland. That meant that I experienced Mad Max’s day/night cycle several times over. Senior producer John Fuller pointed out that the night sky featured a meticulously accurate recreation of what you’d see in the Southern Hemisphere. I’d heard the team mention it a few times, but it seemed like a perfect time to ask outright: Where exactly is the Wasteland? We’re in Australia, right? Not really, it turns out.

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DarkOcelet1503d ago

"Don’t let Max’s Aussie accent fool you either."

Its great to know that Max still have his Aussie accent. Fans will certainly love that.

cfc781503d ago

It needs to be the aussie accent I remember the american dubbed version of Mad Max it just didn't do the film any favors and I see the same applying to the game.

DarkOcelet1503d ago

Yeah, believe me, they will surely go with Aussie accent unless they want to piss off everyone.

MysticStrummer1503d ago

"We’re in Australia, right? Not really, it turns out"

Except, that's not what the guy said. He said they simply aren't saying where it is.

"George Miller directed his films in Australia, so it’s a natural assumption that the game would be set there, too. That location worked in movie-length adventures, but games require a different approach – especially large, open worlds."

As if the area of this game will be anywhere close to the size of the Australian outback. Come on people, don't change things just for the sake of changing them. The part about Max maybe not being a former police officer according to their "interpretation" is worrisome, even if they did work with Miller on that. That makes me wonder what else will be changed in the movie and the game.

EvilWay1503d ago

They said the game will have nothing to do with the film

Swiggins1503d ago

As much as I'd love to tear around Monument Valley in a dune buggy while fending off raiders. Australia is ubiquitous with Mad Max, I can't even imagine trying to do Mad Max anywhere else.

I doubt we'll be seeing Max stateside or in the Sahara anytime soon.