PS3 "putting up a much stronger battle now," says Fries

In an interview with Gamedaily, the ex-Xbox exec responsible for Microsoft's Rare capture, Ed Fries, has warned Microsoft that PS3's worm is definitely starting to turn.

"I think it's obvious that Sony got off to a slow start; I think they made some pretty big mistakes and they've done a good job in the last year in recovering from those. I think they're putting up a much stronger battle now," he said.

He further states,"Microsoft is in a kind of awkward position because with Sony winning the Blu-ray battle, it's nice to have a hi-def player as part of your games machine, and now that that's the standard I think it's a big advantage for Sony."

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Bob Dole3965d ago

"I think it's obvious that Sony got off to a slow start; I think they made some pretty big mistakes and they've done a good job in the last year in recovering from those."

If Sony's mistakes were "pretty big" how big were Microsofts???

NO_PUDding3965d ago

Don't be such a fanboy.

Microsoft made mistakes admittedly, No standard HDD, Fee for Online, HD-DVD optional. And 360 (all the fanboys like to forget) had a slow start too, it just ahd no competition.

So Sony's mistake was to release so late, and to once again have no games.

But everyone who experienced buying the PS2 on launch knew that would change, and indeed it was a huge problem of their. ANd the insane price which has still hardly dropped.

thesummerofgeorge3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Not tryin to be a fanboy,. I realize both companies made mistakes, but for Microsoft, the company that made the biggest launch mistake of all, by releasing the system too early and now having the highest console failure rate in history (right?), not to mention no standard hdd, hddvd calling out Sony saying they made big mistakes in the beginning is pretty rich... I'm just sayin, people in glass houses....

Edit: Disagree all you want, doesn't change the facts. Instead of just clicking disagree, why don't you man up and articulate exactly what you disagree with, unless you don't have a reason and you just disagree with anything that doesn't praise the 360...

leeger3965d ago

i think the 360 is not just the console with the highest failure rate but it's like the electronic device with the highest failure rate. Honestly I never heard of a product with a higher failure rate than 33%.

Voiceofreason3965d ago

At least MS fixes the problem for FREE. Sony did not do that with all those faulty PS2's, and I am sure they had a much higher fail rate then the 360 did. I dont know a single person whose launch PS2 worked for more than 2 years.

thesummerofgeorge3965d ago

Microsoft only fixed them under warranty, and they had togo out of their way, it was to huge a problem, it's not like they jumped up and offered 3 year warranties, they did it cause they absolutely had to do something seeing as the systems were dropping like flies. And ps2 never had a failure rate near what 360 had, so it isn't fair to compare, if the size of the problems don't match why should the solutions...

themyk3965d ago

my launch ps2 still works. today. my brother in law is probably playing rock band on it right now.

and i moded it with a flip top.

and by the way quit living in the past. and if the ps2 had that big of a problem it sure wasn't that big of a problem 3 years down the road like it STILL is with the 180

mistertwoturbo3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

"I dont know a single person whose launch PS2 worked for more than 2 years. "

I had my phat PS2 for 8 years and still running. But I had many friends with DVD drives that went out.

However, considering they've sold millions and millions of PS2s. Nobody will truely know how bad the whole thing really was. Because it's not as documented as this whole RROD thing.

thesummerofgeorge3965d ago

I think it wasn't as documented cause it wasn't as big a problem. I won't lie to you though, it sure chapped my ass when I missed the ending of FFIX cause my dvd drive crapped out. But hey, at least they fixed the problem, rather than just throw a warranty extension at it.

damrightfresh3965d ago

Remember the 3 year warranty only covers the RROD so if you have any other problems with it your screwed..The only right move Microsoft did is release their console 1 year they release it at the same time as the ps3 sony will crush microsoft in sales..because right now the ps3 is doing better the 360 in its 1st and 2nd year..

i have my ps2 for over 8 years and it still works..i can take pictures of it too..

SmokingMonkey3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

thee most defective console, and prob electronic to date!
doesn't matter how many times they replace the dam thing, they should get it right the first time. Don't make excuses, the original ps2 collects alot of dust but doesn't overheat because of the same reason. Air vents/ducts/fans etc. But dust can be wiped off or cleaned for a fee, a warped or fried motherboard on the other hand can only be replaced. M$ basically can't make people pay for those replacements so they BETTER do it for free or else they would lose more face than if they just did a TOTAL RECALL.

"Two weeks.....Two took my 360 two weeks to come back....Two weeeeks....TWWWOOOOO......!(he ad explodes.)

thewhoopimen3965d ago

I beg to differ... I still have my launch PS2 working to this day. I waited in line at 4am at Best Buy in 1999/2000? and its been working ever since. I don't have any problems with it all.

icechai3965d ago

had my ps2 working since launch until I threw it away when I got the PS3 last year. My coworker had to return his 360 twice since launch.

The Lazy One3965d ago

that's not why you hear about it more.

The PS2 errors happened before blogging exploded. The PS2 errors were just about as bad as the 360 ones, and Sony didn't even recognize it as a problem until after a class action lawsuit. So you get maybe 1% of the PS2 errors being reported to the public in some way, and everybody and their mom's making a blog post about how much microsoft sucks.

Microsoft's "mistake" was something that helped a lot too. Do you really think the 360 would be where it is right now if it released against the wii and PS3? It sucks, but if it weren't for getting it out a year earlier, M$ would probably be in the same position they were last generation.

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DeforMAKulizer3965d ago

One thing is important.... E3 WILL RULE BIG TIME!!!!!
I cant wait!!!
We need to see what each company has up its sleeves...

STARS3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

But, but, but....360 has so many games...and PS3..(insert derogatory Sony comment here for M$ approval).

TheColbertinator3965d ago

I'm glad Ed Fries is thinking outside the box.All companies of the console war could lose depending on their next move.Sony,Microsoft,and Nintendo are gonna have to do something to change the tide in their favor.

Microsoft_Spokesman3965d ago


*returns to his box*

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

...A Funny;) Microsoft Spokesman??? You must be FAKE!!!!!!!!! ;-D
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silverchode3965d ago

if they are banning people for being retards or having multiple accounts then they should ban pog/mart, zhuk, darksniper, angelito, siligon. did i miss anyone?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

But when a real 'Microsoft Spokesman' talks it's like watching Paint Dry!!! ;-D Your to funny tho;) O.k i believe you;)

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juuken3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Yes, Sony is fighting back. I'm very proud of them as a company. Despite the media bias, attacks, criticisms, and mocking, they managed to pull through all of that.

They're making a comeback people...and they will succeed in the end.

But I don't agree with him on the fact that Sony made *big* mistakes. So what, Microsoft didn't make the biggest mistake of all time by releasing a console with such a high failure rate?

Is that really excusable?

The only mistake Sony ever made was advertising things that weren't ready.

BLUR1113965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I think sony has had the spotlight long enough its someone elses turn. Nintendo will remain king... over 20 million wii's sold and DS has sold at 75 mill. lol, just think if japan gamers were not so stuck up then how many 360's would be sold in all markets?

Jandre023965d ago

I STILL dont see a reason why someone would buy a 360 and not a PS3 other than money and the first Gears.

COD4, Rockband, Madden, Assassins Creed, Guitar Hero, GTAIV, DMC4, the majority of the top selling titles are on both consoles. The only games that you really get to play 360 that you can't on the PS3 are Halo 3 and Gears. There are alternatives for both those games (Killzone 2 and Resistance 2) but there is nothing like LBP, God of War, along with a host of top IPs like GT5, Final Fantasy, Tekken, MGS.

I just dont see why anyone would buy a 360 at this point, other than the fact that some of your friends would have it and you want to play online with them. A few months of exclusive gameplay on certain games, but with less features in the end. Thats the 360 experience.

juuken3965d ago

BLUR...your comment sounds so stuck up and wrong that I won't even bother with it. Why is there so much hatred for Sony? Without Sony, you wouldn't have Microsoft and the 360. Without Nintendo, Sony wouldn't have exist. Whether you like it or not, Sony is one of the reasons why games have evolved today.