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FilmGamesEtc writes:
"A Sports UFC is a sports game released by EA back in June 2014. It was a game franchise that originally started as THQ’s property until they went bankrupt in December 2012. As they were liquidating their assets, the UFC Undisputed series got puchased by EA. This began the creation of EA UFC. This isn’t the first MMA based game EA have created. They created EA MMA that released on October 19th 2010 that was a relative success. They brought over the thumbstick striking that work so well in the fight night series over the years and it worked okay but had its fair share of flaws. When developing EA UFC they decided to use the same team that had developed the fight night series and decided to ditch the thumbstick striking which turned out to be a great idea. When this game released in June of 2014 it had a few issues that were soon patched by EA and ever since then they have been releasing almost monthly free DLC to apologise for the lack of roster and the launch issues. Even though this game hasn’t gotten the biggest roster, EA has put a HUGE amount of effort and detail into this game, including fighters that look so lifelike and the fluidity at which you attempt strikes, take downs and submissions as well as the overall feel and atmosphere, all of which makes you feel as though you are there attending the big fights."

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