Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the importance of Bloodborne online multiplayer

Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about the importance of online mulitplayer in the upcoming PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

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LightDiego1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It's a great experience to play Souls games online, the helpful (and the trolling) messages, the invasions, some players help a lot too.

@breakpad: ...what?

breakpad1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

all these are idiotic justifications to subscribe to PSplus.... paid online services are just wrong ..i liked when subscriptions and all these DLC bs didnt exist, these were fair products for player/consumer

Christopher1499d ago

They had online before any subscription. I don't think it has anything to do with PS+ and more to do with maintaining a way to expand on single-player gameplay like most other multiplayer focused games.

SpinalRemains1381498d ago

I dont like DLC either.

It works against the customer in a few different ways. The thing is, we live in a very ADD I need it now society and most anything seen as "more" is purchased up and embraced.

I would much rather have devs working on new games entirely. DLC is nothing more than a way to combat used games sales. It is more of a tactic than it is an offering.

xabmol1499d ago

After putting in over 500 hours into DS2, I can personally say that the online is NOT a great experience. The lag is so strong with the online element that it makes me want to smack the devs in the face and shit on their lawn.

I do love the games and have a mostly enjoyably Jolly co-op experience, but every time I get lag raped by an invader I kick a puppy.

Sm00thop1499d ago

Its decent for co-op, but you're right the PvP kinda sucks. I play 2d fighters quite a lot so I'm pretty fussy, you have to have that responsiveness for it to be enjoyable. Still great games like you say, but they could definitely improve some of the online aspects.

MyDietEqualsGames1499d ago

Xambol, I understand how you feel.. but if we're paying to play online.. let's give it a chance, and if the outcome is the same, let's complain!

No reason we should be subjugated to crap online if we are paying for the upkeep of the network. >=)

ThanatosDMC1499d ago

Well it's DS2 and not Demon's Souls, which had better connectivity and hit boxes and hit detection.

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StrayaKNT1499d ago

Cant wait to jump online with a few friends and slaughter everyone in those random dungeouns.

FullmetalRoyale1499d ago

I adore the asymmetric multiplayer aspects of the Souls games, and Bloodborne of course.

I really love seeing helpful messages from players telling you to jump off a clip, companied with ghosts of players that actually jumped.
It's a great reprieve from the atmosphere of these games.

So damn excited for Bloodborne!

gangsta_red1498d ago

Hopefully people won't think this multiplayer is "tacked" on. I think it's great and only expands on the great franchise that is the Souls series.

Spotie1498d ago

Why would anybody think that?