Pokémon Devs Swap Cute for Carnage With New Game - Tembo the Badass Elephant | IGN Preview

I’m never been a fan of adjectives in titles. “The Amazing Spider-man” Is he now? “Super Mario Bros.” And what makes them so Super, hmm? How about you let me decide what adjective to whack on your thing and you just concentrate on making it. It’s this attitude that had me questioning just how ‘badass’ is this Tembo the Badass Elephant?

Tembo is the result of Japanese studio and Pokémon masters Game Freak letting one designer from the East Midlands run wild for six months and seeing what he came up with. The fruits of Director and Character Designer James Turner’s efforts is a side-scrolling action platformer that although pretty straightforward at first glance, has a lot going on underneath.

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NiteX1501d ago

This looks awesome. Pretty messed up it's coming out for everything but Wii U.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1501d ago

doesn't have too.

Game Freak would rathe have Nintendo as publisher.
Besides it Sega who decided it.