Tons of Final Fantasy XV Screenshots Revealed by JP Mags; Show Combat, Awesome Environments and More

The latest issues of Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation had large articles on Final Fantasy XV's demo Episode Duscae, and they came with a large serving of screenshots.

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NoctisPendragon1504d ago

This game is real aparently.

OdieEsty1504d ago


WizzroSupreme1504d ago

This is the Final Fantasy to beat all other Final Fantasies.

Eiyuuou1504d ago

That's a bold statement.

DarkOcelet1504d ago

I am so tempted to buy Type 0 from the store in front of my apartment i live in right now.

I just dont want to shell that much money for a game i played over 100 hours on PSP again so soon. But that Demo is so damn tempting.

NoctisPendragon1504d ago

I have 130 hours on psp type 0 but i think the experience will be a lil different , it is like the definitive edition so i may play it 50 hours or more again.

silkrevolver1504d ago

So excited. I'm buying Type-0 for Type-0, but I'd be lying if this didn't sweeten the deal.

It's vaporware no more!!!

Meltic1504d ago

´cant we play the demo for free or are they screwing us to buy the Type 0 shit ?