Toshiba's 1.8-inch 100GB HDD Largest Capacity Yet Achieved.

Toshiba recently announced a 1.8-inch drive that offers a storage capacity of 100GB, claiming it is the largest capacity yet achieved in this class of hard disk drive (HDD).

The new drive, the MK1011GAH, employs perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology and an improved error correction code to secure the highest areal density of any 1.8-inch HDD in the market, 240.8 megabits per square millimeter (155.3 gigabits per square inch), according to the company.

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shikwan4337d ago

It'll be news when the price is reduced.

specialguest4337d ago

too bad it'll be very pricey for the time being. i can imagine someone modding that to the PSP in the near future. it'll have to be an external add-on though.

DEIx15x84336d ago

Bigger iPods = more games, lol!