Hotline Miami 2 review – a hypnotic yet messy and aimless sequel - Guardian

All the hallucinogenic visuals and thumping techno atmosphere of the first title with little of its gruesome sandbox brilliance

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arbitor3651320d ago

I didnt realize the Guardian even puts out game reviews, but they are just as full of garbage as their regular material.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1320d ago

"Oh it's a console exclusive to PS4 ? You know what to do deduct those points !"

Torque_CS_Lewith1320d ago

You mean like OlliOlli 2? Oh wait! Why don't you keep your tin foil hat off at watch what nonsense comes out of your pie hole?

gangsta_red1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Wasn't TLoU, Journey and Uncharted console exclusives also? And the few reviews I have seen on this site for Hotline 2, so far are good. This conspiracy nonsense needs to really be put to rest.

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Arkardo1320d ago

Aaaaaaaand the stupid "attention wh*** reviews" begins.

It's a great game, not outstanding as the first one, with increased difficulty that is greatly appreciated on these days

krypt19831320d ago

Typical sonyfanboys can't handle criticism about somebody disliking a sony game so pathetic, you guys take reviews too personal.

realplayer821320d ago

And bubble downvote for personal attack.

Milkshake1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Sony game? LMAO!
It's also on PC!

Arkardo1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Sony fanboys? That's all you got? Simple conclusion right?

I'm playing it on Pc by the way so much for Sony exclusive.

The days of game journalism and credible reviews are coming to an end, everything is for clicks and money, if you're too naive to see what's the trend don't worry , keep living inside that bubble.

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