GTA Online Full Access Resumed

According to the Rockstar Support page GTA Online is now back up and running as normal

"March 11, 2015: Full access has been restored to GTA Online and all services have resumed as normal."

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PCGamingNoobs1501d ago

it's coming to that time of day again (like yesterday) where most of the UK is finishing work and also most of America is waking up and getting online.

so i'm not holding my breath just yet.

Crazyglues1501d ago

Yes.. Finally indeed..

Now time to get my heist on.. Oh hell Yeah!

Pathogenic1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I was playing heists this morning from 12:00am until 1:30am with my buddies on PS4. We completed Prison Break from start to finish which is the second heist. Everything is running smoothly.

Toiletsteak1501d ago

Is it fun? I never got chance to play it yesterday because it kicked me out.

Dinkis1501d ago

I think its fun. I was up nearly all night playing on X1 having a blast

Pathogenic1500d ago

Yah it's really good. We are playing the third heost roght now. The payout os good as well. Send me a Private message for psn id. Come join us

paul-p19881500d ago

My crew managed to complete the first set-up mission for The Prison Break yesterday at 9pm GMT but then we had server crashes, people who apparently hadn't finished the tutorial despite the lowest level player in our crew being 74, unable to invite players back into missions OR private lobbies etc.

We all knew it was gonna happen though, we were all playing when it first launched on PS3 and expected exactly the same thing when Heists launched. We will just wait a few days then try again, hopefully the traffic will have dropped off a bit by then!