2015 Video Game Power Rankings: March

The Critically Sane crew gives it 2015 Video Game Power Rankings for March. Some big news and some actual releases cause some shakeups.

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kariyanine1504d ago

I'm guess Uncharted 4 vanishes from this list next month.

vishmarx1504d ago

can someone explain to me how TOTR is more uh...powerful? than u4 ,witcher 3 and mgs combined?

vishmarx1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

lol typo.
i meant how is rise of the tomb raider more hyped/anticipated/whatever than mgs5 ,witcher and uncharted combined ?
i asked since they make it sound like a logical thing by putting numbers next to it

ShugaCane1504d ago

Maybe they could put some info on how thoses points are calculated because I sure as hell didn't figure that out.

CriticallySane1504d ago

Point noted. We'll do that in the future.