Rumor - Greatest Hits titles get price and release date

In a new K-mart advert it shows all 3 of these games for $29.99 from july 27th, which could possibly be the the release date for the greatest hits collection in america.

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name3963d ago

FINALLY resistance goes down in price -_- That only took about a year and a half

thereapersson3963d ago

Usually happens when games sell really well

TheColbertinator3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Did you guys know the original Halo on Xbox dropped to 40 right before Halo 2 came out?That means it was 50 bucks for 4 years.

NegativeCreep4273962d ago

I totally wanted to buy Resistence back when I bought my PS3 in October, but I went in expecting in to have a retail price of $40 or less since at that time it was almost a year since it was released. I really hope the PS3 Greatests Hits line will finally hit the market at the end of this month.

doshey3963d ago

yes motorstorm went down

Le-mo3963d ago

Gamestop has Motorstorm used for $19. Well, can't wait to pick up Resistance.

Sitris3963d ago

Hopefully some more titles very soon, like Heavenly Sword, Uncharted and Ratchet. They will make a great steal (i'm aware there all much more recent games but would like them to be cheaper in the near future) note: i already have all these games but would like more people to jump on the Ps3 bandwagon with some quality cheap titles.

PSN ID: Sitris

NewScratch3963d ago

that its worth the $60 easily IMO. i agree that greatest hits will help sell some ps3s as well. i got my ps2 once i saw enough titles priced at $20 back in the day...

gauntletpython3962d ago

They aren't that much more recent then Warhawk... especially HS, that came out a mere week or two after Warhawk.

NewScratch3963d ago

picked up resistance from target a few months back at $30 somehow and already have warhawk from psn but have been wanting motorstorm. there's no word if motorstorm may be getting tropies is there? i'm addicted from sshd and will probably buy 50% of anything that has tropies for awhile...

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The story is too old to be commented.