New screens from infamous HL2 texture mod

Cinematic Mod 8 nears completion, and so PCGH shows some screens from the final version of the texture modification. While one may praise the texture detail (look at the skin), others may complain that the original Alyx is somehow unique (although a HD version of the original model can be used as well).

Mc Fadge5797d ago

When she's side on, they look like goddamn spikes. They ruined it, forever :<

Bob Dole5797d ago

Body Physics(Jigglebones)

Wonder what that is.

NO_PUDding5797d ago

No it's just the pieces of unseamed plastic where her bust wasn't properly tempered.


Plastic looks aren't cool, and Alyx looked a lot more original for a female charcter. She was the predecessor to Faith in Mirrors Edge.

rbanke5797d ago

nips point so high it looks like a bad boob job, there supposed to aim forrward not straight up fellas!

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Baka-akaB5797d ago

It's really well done and impressive , but i thought the goal was hi res texture ... not turning everyone even the old scientits into fashion models ?

Mc Fadge5797d ago

Your spelling mistake is VERY appropriate for such an article :3

Mc Fadge5797d ago

They've ruined her attractive features, can't believe they went in that direction. Some of the areas they need fixing up haven't been touched either, very sad indeed :<

MaximusPaynicus5797d ago

Well, we now know that something can look both impressive and terrible at the same time.