The Power of Procedural Gaming as No Man's Sky Promises Over Eighteen Quintillion Planets

A look at No Man's Sky and other procedural games including Bloodborne CounterSpy and Alien Isolation and a debate how it should be used in more games in the future.

Reader interaction to suggest games they think could benifit from procedural design.

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gamer11381344d ago

My biggest question is how much reliance is this going to have on server infrastructure? No Man's Sky is hotly anticipated and will likely be downloaded by a lot of people and logging in. They better make sure they're online is ready for this. We don't need a not the game marred by launch woes :(

Perjoss1344d ago

It doesn't play like a typical multiplayer game, they have said that meeting another player is extremely rare, so its not like the servers need to handle 16+ people all flying around in the same area.

gamer11381344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

No, the servers will just have to handle a million players all flying around a galaxy that has eighteen quintillion planets...Imagine for a moment all those sessions they will have to host with that size of game world. This game world is not going to be on disc, it will be something similar to a minecraft server where you log into it but the actual game world is in, get ready, "the cloud!"

traumadisaster1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

I have 16+ friends and instruct them to meet me at the same place, bam.

Perjoss1344d ago

Good luck with that, if you watch/read some interviews about the game you will see why thats not a very good idea.

Dark_king1344d ago

That's a good question.The answer is very heavily I have assumed its online only for a while now.I am also wondering if they are going to be able to handle it.I mean come on they never thought they would get the attention they have got so far.If a million plus buy it on day one can they handle that. Let's not fool our self's it has that kind of interest. That all depends on severs and how they are handling it which I haven't heard anything about.

sereal_killer1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

It doesnt play like a normal online game. I wonder if it even has a server behind it. People think this is randomly generated it isn't , its procedurally generated wich means it has a seed like Minecraft but that seed will be locked once it ships so everyone will have the same galaxy and so far it seems to work by having the player host his own lobby and anyone near the coordinates of the player might than join the instance and thus be in the same lobby. they haven't said how many player can join this "lobby"but its really small as the chance of meeting other players is already small. So all a server would be doing it comparing coordinates and determining if they are near eachother.

In short tha galaxy is locked on disc as it will generatre based on the seed on the disc so they are all the same.

Anthotis1344d ago

Eighteen Quintillion Planets

Zero NPCs

Tctczach1344d ago

I like exploring but it needs substance. I'll still gladly buy this.

rosscoffx1344d ago

Lol, to be fair they haven't really gone into what there is to do yet and how that will work.

I wonder if missions and quests will be generated procedurally too. When you look at the amount of narrative history in games like Mass Effect that are a tiny universe in comparison to this, they can;t be making that much set content it must all generate as you play.

It'll be interesting to see what races of intelligent life is created and what conflicts and scenarios can happen.

Hopefully we find out more soon.

The_Sage1344d ago


Do you mean Non Player Characters by NPCs? If so, you must not have been paying attention. There are other characters, and there are enemies. You will fight, and shoot, and run away to survive. Read the EGM write up.

Dark_king1344d ago

Not only are there NPC but the are factions among them that can be friendly are not based on your actions.There is a lot of confusion over this game it was fine when it was making people wonder about it. Now it seems like its hurting them a bit, because some people don't know that there is a point to the game there are NPC to help and fight.The game has a end though you can keep playing beyond that.

So far the only things I haven't liked that I have heard is the no communication in game.Seems like they discovered to fly though space but forgot how to talk.I think there should be some communication system.I want to be able to talk to that ship that's coming close to figure out if its friendly are not.

The other is not being able to tell npc from players.Would be happy if they could just have us make a flag for yourself a logo that says your you.

Though I am sure this will all be modded into the game on pc that don't mean I wouldn't want it on ps4.

lemoncake1344d ago

But what percentage of those planets will be interesting and unique, biggest hurdle with procedural stuff.

Roccetarius1344d ago

Indeed, the problem with procedural generation, is that they create a few templates and it's just minor variations from there.

sereal_killer1344d ago

I find the interview from game informer had the most info regarding this(its a bit old now). They did seem to have alot of variance they have templates like you say but these are also tweakable. So you will have a standard four legged body wich can hve different heads but the body can also be tweaked by making it skinny, longer, larger, color and the parts you add will also be tweaked in this way the same base that makes a horse can also make a giraffe.
But we will have to see the actual variation.

I do agree that to make each planet unique is a hurdle and they cant even test that because there are so many planets created. But they always make a point to say that not all planets will have animals , water, etc. but a barren planet might look dull but have unique structures and they are trying to put atleast something of interest on each planet for you to discover even if its just a landmark with some writing on it.

I am buying this because i like exploring and like in real life you dont always find something unique but its the journey that counts. if everyplanet had something unique it would also lose somewhat of the WOW effect when you do get something.

MasterCornholio1344d ago

Gold Trophy: Discover 18 quintillion planets.

Um better discover the elixir of immortality before attempting this.

rainslacker1343d ago

Maybe they'll wimp out and just say 1 million planets discovered. Stupid easy trophies with no real meaning.

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