Sony’s Bend Studio Hiring For Unnamed PS4 Game; Involves Cutting-Edge Rendering, Animations and more

Just after it became clear that Sony’s Santa Monica Studios began a hiring spree for what could possible be the next God of War, now also Sony's Bend Studio has placed several new vacancies online for their unnamed PS4 AAA title.

The jobs involves developing next generation animation systems, cutting edge graphic techniques and contribution to the technical development of characters and animation.

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DarkOcelet1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I wonder when will we get to see that Open World Horror title from Sony Bend. It would be great for E3. And i love how PS4 has more horror games lately. Its really nice. The concept art looks sick!

Also hopefully one day a studio give Syphon Filter the attention it deserves.

chrismichaels041501d ago

First we find out Sony Santa Monica Studios is on a hiring we hear Sony Bend Studios is also on a hiring spree. Its going to be a really interesting E3 for PlayStation this year.

BartMoons1501d ago

Might possbily be a new I.P. but I'm really hoping for a Syphon Filter reboot.

DarkOcelet1501d ago

Its a shame it Syphon Filter will not be their next game, but i am very interested to see what Open world horror title they are cooking.

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Rashonality1501d ago

a studio that developed a game in an established franchise for a handheld is working on possibly a new I.P that with cutting edge rendering animation and more....

hmmm....didn't hear that before....

BartMoons1501d ago

The Order is an amazing title ;)

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