The Future Of The 360: Installs to Come?

The 360, with a typically smaller hard drive, hasn't had mandatory game installs to date but with the announcement of a New 60gb model, could this change?

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The Wood5822d ago

all this 'hdd' and 'have to install' bickering would stop. Both consoles are loosely based off pc's and pc's benefit from having hdd's. We cant want all of pcs's good features without accepting some of its drawbacks if you can even call them that.

KBDuB5822d ago

I agree with almost all of what you said, except the part where you said the bickering would stop. No, it would not. It would cause the 360 fanboys, that originally dissed the PS3 for having it, would say that they like it, which then would cause the PS3 fanboys to bring up the 360 fanboys dissing it at one time. So, no, the bickering would not stop. =(

But, yes, I agree with the other things you mentioned. =P

edhe5822d ago

Optional installs would be nice - with a move towards full installation based off an encryption key from the dvd so i can load retail games like arcade games..

..however the change to 60gb is more likely a sourcing issue - it'll be more expensive to get an old 20gb drive than a newer 60gb drive.

mistertwoturbo5822d ago

The bickering will never end!

BTW Fist of the North Star rules!

damrightfresh5821d ago

They are not getting rid of the arcade SKU.. i doubt their going to be future install on the 360..But if it does happen a lot of xbox fanboys will get owned because they always talk crap about the ps3 have mandatory installs..I don't think any games on the 360 is graphically good that will use the feature..

Tarasque5821d ago

The 360 will never have manditory install's maybe optional but never manditory. It doesn't need install's it can read the data from the disk fast enough with right programming. People will be saying the 360 will have demo install's next.

player9115821d ago

Because there are so many HDD-less Arcade 360's out there. Optional installs would be ok I guess... but at the same time games don't really suffer from long loading times either...

I think if they were gonna have optional loading times, they would have done by now.

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name5822d ago

The only thing that would stop the stupid bickering is if sony and microsoft stopped making video games and everyone had to buy wiis. Then it'd just be universal complaining.

Fishy Fingers5822d ago

Think Id stick to the PC if that ever happened (although I have a Wii).

TheColbertinator5822d ago

Fishy,have you noticed how PC's have installs and several discs.Maybe the reason people buy them is because the games ARE GOOD.Pay attention Microsoft and Sony.

dantesparda5822d ago

Love the show, but the reason they have multiple discs is because they are on CD's usually when its the DVd version, its only one disc

power of Green 5822d ago

Doesn't even make any sense when it is the Arcade SKU that posses the biggest problem if you wan't to see it that way. Wake me up when the Arcade SKU comes with an HDD.

I know the PS3 fanboys were trying to approve this because the notion of this theory soothes PS3 feeling when it comes to the real reason the PS3 must do the installs. This is comforting to PS3 fanboys as it justifies the PS3's short commings.

It will only cause even more PS3 fanboy anger as the 360 already matches PS3 install performance(almost not worth boasting about one way or the other) now having a *supposed* boost in performance if this were to come true would be a bigger mess in the fanboy fight. Yet watch there will be only PS3 fanboys in here.

TheColbertinator5822d ago

Well Green,I know that installs would really hurry up those loading times.Games like Oblivion and The Club have some pretty annoying loading moments.

power of Green 5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

"The only thing that would stop the stupid bickering is if sony and microsoft stopped making video games and everyone had to buy wiis. Then it'd just be universal complaining."

Not true at all this bickering can be solved by not trolling or Hating on MSFT to the point where people go out of their way to destroy a company like far left loons or emotional European Soccer fans hating on the other team and fans.

360 fans don't troll for anti Sony news 24/7 nor do they spend more time keeping up with the PS3 than the 360, flocking in overwhelming numbers in PS3 thread to bash, boast and attack Sony and their fans lol.

#3 in the gamerzone posted:

"If it happens, i feel sorry for the 20GB owners who may now have to buy a new hard drive."

I think the people that actually have to install who own the 20gig PS3 need feeling sorry for. You shouldn't worry about fiction that doesn't even make sense as if 60gigs is enough room for MSFT to greenlight every dev to allow this function with so many games coming out. This would defeat the purpose of MSFT's plans on Digital content.

whoelse5822d ago

If it happens, i feel sorry for the 20GB owners who may now have to buy a new hard drive.

gaffyh5822d ago

Yeah you see this is why MS shouldn't have any HDD installs cos the 20gb (which is actually only 13GB) is not enough, so now if HDD installs do become mandatory MS has just shafted most of their ~20 million install base.

Nitrowolf25822d ago

yup both PS3 and Xbox
but perhaps that was the reason why sony pulled the 20GB PS3 model because they knew that 20GB was not enough for bigger games. I mean even with a 60GB i still think i need to upgrade to something allot bigger