A Halo Snipe Shot That Is Completely Nuts

Patricia Hernandez:"Okay, what's with all the unbelievable Halo snipes lately?"

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DarkOcelet1348d ago

That was a great double kill.

Septic1348d ago

I don't get this vid though; the sniper bullet splits into two? That doesn't happen in Halo. Its really odd/.

DarkOcelet1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

No, two people were equipped with a sniper. One to the left and the badass on the right who got the double kill. They both shot a bullet from their weapon. Look closely.

Naga1348d ago

This is how controllers break.

Septic1348d ago

Waaa so the bullets hit each other?

XB1_PS41348d ago

The bullet went through the first guy, and continued on the path to the other guys dome.

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no_more_heroes1348d ago


This is how controllers return to the atomic state of their base components.

1348d ago
creeping judas1348d ago

The magic bullet theory proven via science and gaming!!

DarkOcelet1348d ago

It was done right in MGS3 revolver. But perfected in Halo. It looks really awesome.

Swiggins1348d ago

I knew it was a Spartan on the Grassy Knoll, Illuminati confirmed!

Mega241348d ago

Now that's a great shot, magnificent to say the least.

Mikefizzled1348d ago

Upload this to Pornhub like that infamous Halo 3 mongoose sniping montage.

spicelicka1348d ago

hahaha no way is that a thing?

Mikefizzled1348d ago

It is. I was linked it a couple of months back.

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