The Gamers' Temple: MGS4 review

TGT writes:

"Before I give out my final score, I'll say this: I am well-aware that I'm in the minority by being critical of the Metal Gear games. Like Halo, Final Fantasy and even GTA, there are people out there who like these games so much that they would scratch your eyes out rather than listen to any criticism of their favorite series… and good for them. Metal Gear Solid, to me, isn't a perfect series; it has problems, mainly with the cutscenes outweighing the actual gameplay and play mechanics that seem interesting at first, but fall flat in practice. The original Solid was nothing short of a masterpiece, though the PS2-era sequels sullied the series' good name. Now, on the PS3, Metal Gear has regained some, not all, of its former glory. But weak, reused bosses, a broken online game and the gameplay to video ratio keep it from the lofty standards that Metal Gear Solid set up so many years ago."

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QueefyB3967d ago

wow so only 40 more gigabytes for 50 dollars what a ripoff

Veryangryxbot3966d ago

Enough said. We dont need to listen to these fools.

QueefyB3967d ago

hey wait isnt this the same story as the one below hold on let me check

QueefyB3967d ago

yes it is the same news of microsofts bad trick

Jon86023967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

its really annoying now that its okay to use the cutscenes as loss for points in in overall game. im not gonna get into it but i will just say that i love metal gear solid 4 and the "solid" series as well. and the funny thing is that some dummy put up microsoft pricedrop and then he changed it to a mgs4 review LOL.

chewy3173967d ago

did he just change the story from the xbox 360 price cut completely into mgs4 review......

or is it just me.... that isbugged...

Jon86023967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

HE DID LOL!!! your not going crazy...there stupid because this is filed under xbox360 news lol I bet when i said it was filed under 360 is right when they changed it :)

QueefyB3967d ago

you changed the story lol

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