Ori And The Blind Forest review – eye-opening graphics | Metro

The Xbox One’s newest exclusive has some of the best visuals of the year so far, as well as the most emotional opening scene…

Ori And The Blind Forest is a game that is going to split gamers down the middle: you either like it… or you love it. Apart from a general grumble that it might not be ‘your sort of thing’ it’s hard to imagine anyone having a bad word to say about a game that so proudly wears its heart on its sleeve; both in terms of its fondness for games like Metroid and Zelda and its own emotional style of storytelling.

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Foehammer1501d ago

"The first scene is almost worth the price of admission"

Good way to start

Except for 1 score of 70, eights and up are all you see on metacritic

Well done

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