AAA Console Title under development by The team Behind Alien: Isolation

The developer Creative Assembly is working on a huge console title under the radar. The team behind Alien: Isolation is developing a console title and its going to be a big game.

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crazychris41241503d ago

They are helping me make a game called My Life: Isolation

Thatguy-3101503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Have a feeling it will involve VR. A game like Isolation would be much appreciated since they knocked it out of the park with that one.

MasterCornholio1503d ago

So your telling me that they want to murder a bunch of people by giving them heart attacks?

TWB1503d ago

Im really hoping for a new Alien game.

Isolation was well received and apparently there is a new movie coming at some point. If they wanted, they could make a game that relates to the events of Aliens 2 and still have time to prepare for the next Alien movie (that according to director, is supposedly going to wipe 3rd and 4th movie from the canon) and a possibility of 3rd game also related to the new movie.

Bodge1503d ago

What's with the "AAA Console Title" shit in the title? It's coming to PC.

Two-Face1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Yeah I know right. Alien Isolation was also by far better version on PC. The audio on cutscenes was not even synced right with the characters mouths on consoles. And there is also reports of input lag. Not to mention 30fps with dips

Alien Isolation was my GOTY 2014

MasterCornholio1503d ago

The lip syncing was terrible across all versions. And as for the framerate I didn't have any issues on the PS4 with it. I'm guessing its because I bought the same months after launch so those problems were probably patched by then.

And as for input lag. Well I didn't have any.

Ryan7411503d ago

The sync was fixed with a patch. Also my goty.

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The story is too old to be commented.