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DanzoSAMA2382d ago

Great, Thanks Microsoft!

poppinslops2382d ago

Hell yeah!

I was gonna get this last week, but my MS account was a few dollars short... Such a fun game.

Xavior_Reigns2382d ago

That's cool but I can't imagine the peeps who paid for it are happy.

Tedakin2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Well that was a year ago so it's ok. I got my money's worth. During the holidays you could buy the entire TItanfall set, including all DLC, for 12 bucks.

Xavior_Reigns2382d ago

Well that's who I'm referring to, the peeps who bought the game at full price (any edition) and then bought the season pass. Sure some won't care and/or feel they got their money's worth, but some will no doubt be like Ron Simmons and say Damn!

BattleAxe2382d ago


Well when you buy a game new, paying full price isn't really all that unexpected I would think.

TheRedButterfly2382d ago

I picked it up on Black Friday for around $6. And even though I have yet to play (or even install) the maps, I'm fine with people jumping on this.

I was watching one of Nelson's streams about an hour ago, and people were asking him what was going gone, but he said he didn't know. I'm assuming it's less-than-intentional, but hopefully MS honors those who pick it up.

holysmokesbatman2382d ago

I bought full price day one, if this keeps the TF community vibrant I'm happy, why wouldn't I be? I still play everyday, the more the merrier! It's my favourite FPS of all time.

lemoncake2382d ago

If that was the case no one would ever be happy with anything they ever bought, as all things go down in price over time. So I guess everyone on the ps4 is unhappy because the games they paid for will eventually end up free on ps plus. Your comment makes no sense.

ShadowNextGen2382d ago

I'm surprised that people are still surprised this happens. When you buy a game at launch you will always pay the higher price. It is the early adopter tax. People can always wait a year or two after a game launches to see if they can pick up any deals. :)

traumadisaster2382d ago

Have you been in the market long, game prices fall fast and hard for about 3 years now.

Most consumers are aware of this...

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ger23962382d ago

It still says $24.99, is this EU only?

TotalSynthesisX2382d ago

Nope, I'm in the US and I see it as free. Maybe do a hard restart on your Xbox? That usually fixes any wonkiness.

Deathdeliverer2382d ago

They really should make a "turn completely off" option so that you can get a full reset without pulling the cord. I wouldn't say it's needed a lot, but it is pretty common that the OS will kinda chug or get unresponsive. Sometimes apps won't open or close. Anyway, on topic, you can't argue with free.99. Titanfall was definitely far from my favorite game and when I finally felt like aww let me give it a go I would opt not to because of how much dlc I had not bought. Now I'll try it again and see if all these months later and a buttload of dlc can finally get me playing more than 3 matches before boredom strikes.

generalthadeape2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )


I was missing the most recent map pack and never got around to buying it.

Booted up Smart Glass while laying in bed before falling asleep for the night and now it's mine for the low low price of $FREE.

Thanks Microsoft-- pssst, don't let Major Nelson know, this will be our little secret, (wink, wink)!

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