Celebrate ‘Mario Day’ and win a copy of 'Mario Party 10' for Wii U

To the casual observer, today is nothing more than Tuesday, Mar. 10. However, to those who game and have been gaming for a while, today is better known as ‘Mario Day’ and it's a perfect time to celebrate by sharing the 10 greatest moments in ‘Mario’ history.

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higgins782766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Too many memories - all/most of them incredible. Playing Mario for the first time via Super Mario World. It came bundled with the SNES I received for Xmas. From that point in I was a lifelong Mario/Nintendo 'fan boy'. Super Mario Kart came next...multi-player goodness. Seeing Mario 64 for the first time as I went into the store to purchase my N64, it was being demoed on a TV, to my delight. Playing it myself, the impressions still resonate today. Incredible!

After the lull of Sunshine I began feeling perhaps it was just me, that I had outgrown Mario...then came Galaxy. Galaxy (1 & 2) were (for me) arguably the best few games available in the last 10 years, easy. Last but not least - and I know I have missed a fair few, seeing Mario in HD/60fps...Super Mario 3D World. Its all in the detail. An absolute mastery of the genre.

LightDiego2766d ago

I will never forget the first time that i played Super Mario 64, probably it's the game that turned me into a gamer.