Should we be harsher on Rockstar for GTA Online’s issues?

MMGN writes: Does the gaming press treat Rockstar as the industry's darling?

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extermin8or2765d ago

Yes, lunch of a new game is one thing I understand that but this is a patch that yeah will have spiked the number of users however they know how many copies they've sold they know how popular the feature is AND they've made more than enough money to just rent even some temporary servers and cloud space say from MS or google or amazon to cover the spike in users.

LonDonE2765d ago

Agreed, i seriously believe they delayed the online of gta 5 to ensure good reviews and metacritic.
Because had the game launched with such a broken online people would have taken it into account in the final score.

After they finally released it, we found it was in shambles, a garbage lobby system, a god awfull bear bones character creator, unintuitive invite system, broken matchmaking, the list goes on.

Saints row2 and gta 4 were better, and now they launch online hiests after way too long and its broken?
People cut rockstar way too much slack! the gta games have gotten more dumb down with every release since hd era.

I would much rather play san andreas which had allot more content.

I think people need to call them out on this b.s! just look at the net profit they make off a gta game, why is a modern online party lobby, matchmaking, etc system too much to ask? Or how about a working online? This is ridiculous! after such a delay this should work flawless, and dont anyone give me b.s about server load, they know full well how many copies they have sold.

Bottom line this IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
And no the online wasnt free, its part of the game fanboys which waspromised ages ago!

MrBeatdown2765d ago

Let's give them hell because of server load associated with free DLC.

All those games that released last year work right yet?

nowitzki20042765d ago

I had no issues with GTAV online. The only problem I had was staying interested in playing online. It got boring to me real quick. GTAV though is one of the best games ever made. We can nit pick on games that arent event close to GTAV but have far more problems.

700p2764d ago

The online issues are still terrible. AND has been for a long time!

Phoenix762765d ago

No not really. We should all know by now that this was to be expected.

L0g1t3ch232765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It was free ffs. Easily they could have put price on it, considering quality of dlc. It will be fine in few days.

thricetold2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

This mentality is part of the problem! It was suppose to be free seeing as it is only a game mode that was SUPPOSED to ship with the online portion, which in itself is just a component of the TOTAL game we already paid for!

Too many consumers/gamers have fallen for this pubs bullsh*t pr spin that they have put out about gta online is like something extra, and we should be lucky to get.

It is no different than any of the other many games that are SP/MP/CO-OP. Their match making system is terrible. Amongst so many other pressing issues.

Bottom line is with the very large profits they received from the initial game, along with the residual profits they are reaping in from cash cards we the consumer, the ones supporting this GIANT company, deserve at the very least RELIABLE servers and a top of the line match making system in 2015.

THAT'S what I want to see instead of shinier graphics DAMNIT.

@live larry

You seriously need to wake up and stop drinking their tainted koolaid. Entitlement has NOTHING to do with asking for a game and it's features to work as advertised.

wakeNbake2765d ago

Nope saw this coming a mile away.

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