MONG Podcast - 74 - What Price Would Convince You to Buy a VR Headset?

On this week's MONG Podcast, the team discussed some of this week's biggest gaming news like reason for ESRB giving Arkham Knight an M Rating, the leaked email about PS4 Firmware Update 2.50, Valve getting into the VR business, the return of Dead Space (maybe), Battlefield Hardline’s resolution, Quantum Break’s possible delay, and much more!

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lmcontaldi2765d ago

I would probably do $249 without blinking for a Morpheus!

jlfleur2765d ago

It needs some killer games, though. Something you can't live without if you own a PlayStation.

wakeNbake2765d ago

I already have $400 saved for hololens, I dont care what price it is just sell it already!

Scatpants2765d ago

I'd be very happy with $300, but I'm so hyped for VR I'd probably go as high as $450 if I had to.

level 3602765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Above $200 minimum and below $400 maximum for Morpheus with the condition of Eye Camera being standard ( not optional ) equipment to go along with Morpheus goggles/headset.

Also hope on first release that Sony would put a Blu Ray disc that contains a couple of VR demo games., just like they used to do with the magazines.

joab7772765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yeah, I would say $329 for everything included. Maybe $249 if you have move and the camera.

wonderfulmonkeyman2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I'm not sold on VR quite yet.
The premise of deeper immersion is there, but tilting your head everywhere like that is something that I can easily imagine making gamers want to take much more often breaks from their games, if only to give their necks a rest, because they won't be used to that much motion from their necks after so many years being used to using stationary TV's and control sticks to look around.

Then there's also the constant readjusting you might have to do with certain models of head-set, if you're playing a game that's really hectic and demands you look around quickly.
I can just imagine someone accidentally putting one on too loosely, turning left or right too quickly, and watching in horror as they fumble catching it and watch it crash to the ground mid-game, knowing that they've not only likely been left vulnerable in the game, but also left paralyzed by the fear that their expensive head piece has just suffered a fatal fall.

Then there's the issue of eye strain that could crop up, with a screen being that close to your eyes constantly.
TV's are bad enough as it is when it comes to causing vision problems, but at least you can choose to sit far away from one of those to save yourself some pain later on...

What I'm waiting for, is for the day when VR can do what it does in manga and anime; hook into our senses in some way so that what we see and experience can be controlled via just our thoughts, much like we can do with lucid dreaming.

Without the pain feedback or SAO-style terrorism, of course.XD

Heck, best-case scenario is that it'd let us use those games on an optional timer system of anywhere from 1 to 10 hours, as well as just playing whenever we like, so that we could play them as we sleep, and our bodies would just treat the feed-back like a lucid dream that we'd remember completely when we wake up, fully rested, later on.

Once that becomes a thing, I'll gladly start using VR.
To get me to use it earlier, though, I'd need a game that's extremely convincing, and thus far I haven't seen any that do not make me think of all the people who will eventually start complaining, in the long-term, about neck pains.

SteamPowered2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I've used the Dk2 and it's probably as heavy a VR unit as you can find. I had zero neck pain after around 6-8 hours in a day. As for looking around, it's no more taxing than looking around in your day to day activities.
The matrix/plug-in-and-play/anime VR you speak of is a long ways away guy. I would give current VR a chance first.

Seeing is believing for VR. Once you experience it, there is no going back. I've only played the rift, but once you try it, you will be a believer too. Everything seems second best compared to VR.

wonderfulmonkeyman2765d ago

Well, like I said, it'll just take a really convincing game to make me want an expensive VR headset at this point.
I'm keeping my eyes out for something but so far, I'm not really hopeful that I'll see anything that will convince me.

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