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MMGN: Ori and the Blind Forest is the realisation of something special. It combines endearing art with fantastic gameplay design that borrows the best conventions of an era gone by and modernises them to great effect with its own flair and direction. This is a hard game, and at times it’s a frustrating game, but it’s also a deeply rewarding experience and one of the few games I’ve played this generation that truly captured my heart. It’s over in about seven hours, without finding all its secrets, and while I know that’s the perfect length for Ori and the Blind Forest, I wasn’t ready for it to end.

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Foehammer2765d ago


That is some high praise.

Swearing at the game's difficulty, in a good way

Well done.

2765d ago
wakeNbake2765d ago

Definitely gonna get this game.

ScorpiusX2765d ago

Been play for sometime now ,this game beautiful and is a joy to watch in motion. Definite must buy .

SockeyBoy2765d ago

Downloading as I type. I've been hanging for this game since the announcement. The game is getting a lot of praise.

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