Hands-on with Homesick: The FPS puzzler set in a decaying world [SideQuesting | PAX East]

Robyn Miller of SideQuesting writes:

"Light and Shadows. Awake and Dreaming. These dimensions are the primary focus of Lucky Pause’s Homesick."

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Top 6 Games With An Interactive Story

BacklogCritic: "Games with strong focus on story and less focus on gameplay mechanics usually leave a strong impression despite the lack of action. Cutting back on action sequences leaves space for dialogue, exploration and emotional experience. Listed here are six games in this style that we enjoyed, in no particular order."

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C-H-E-F2194d ago

wow, I thought Tales From The Borderlands was better than The Wolf Among Us, shhh even batman was better than that. I don't see Beyond two souls OR Heavy Rain on here that's crazy this list is crazy. Life Is Strange & What Remains of Edith Finch are the only good picks.

coolbeans2194d ago

You really shouldn't expect Beyond: Two Souls to make any "Best Of" lists like this.

Xristo2194d ago

I would put Until Dark on the list.


Homesick Review

Horror author Lanzen from Fextralife reviews the PC title "Homesick", and delves into what makes a "Walking Simulator" appealing.

"The first time I recall seeing the phrase “walking simulator” used was in relation to Dear Esther by those not convinced by its experimentation in game design and its unusual approach to narrative. Apparently, it’s now an entire genre, inhabited by the likes of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Gone Home, although considering fans are more prone to use the term “environmental experience puzzle game” rather than “walking simulator;” I imagine use of the latter is still intended to be derogatory."

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Homesick: SteamFirst Review

SteamFirst: Homesick is a beautifully designed puzzle game developed by Lucky Pause through Kickstarter with a huge emphasis on exploration with some slight horror undertones. It places you in an overly sunny apocalyptic world and tasks you with exploring a worn, old sun bleached building through puzzles and wit. The stunning musical score, exquisite visuals and mysterious game play piece together to make one of the best indie games I’ve had the privilege to review.

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