Ori and the Blind Forest is Microsoft's Highest-Scoring Exclusive

Developed by Moon Studios, Ori and the Blind Forest is one of Microsoft's unique indie titles, lauded for its gorgeous aesthetic and emotional story. Aside from a few trailers at E3 and beyond, Ori didn't have much of a marketing force behind it. Now that it's launched the review scores are in - so far, Ori and the Blind Forest is the highest-scoring Microsoft exclusive available on the Xbox One.

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Fro_xoxo2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Microsoft should cease this opportunity to acquire high-moon studios..

can't wait to experience Ori for myself..

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christocolus2757d ago

@The Fro

I'm sure an announcement isn't far off.

gangsta_red2757d ago

Does Moon Studios even want to be bought out?

I think MS should fund more projects for them and after a time then hopefully have the option to buy them.

As long as the games keep coming of this quality, I don't care if it's from 1st or a 2nd party.

Christopher2757d ago

If it increases their funding and allows them to still put out games on PC, it could be good. Depends on what type of games they want to make going forward. I don't think it would be a bad deal for MS. Good developers are not a dime a dozen in this day and age, sadly.

DanzoSAMA2757d ago

In 2011, Moon Studios became a Microsoft First Party Developer.

Christopher2757d ago

@DanzoSAMA: Seems IGN has it wrong.

From: http://www.oriblindforest.c...

"Moon Studios is an independent, distributed Games Studio founded by former AAA developers."


"Shortly after, in 2011, Moon Studios started development on their second title in cooperation with Microsoft Games Studios."

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TheJacksonRGN2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Moon Studios not High Moon Studios.High Moon are the Transformers Cybetron and Deadpool devs. And it says Moon Studios have been a MS first party developer since 2011.

SteamPowered2757d ago

Not to be a dick, Fro. But it's "seize". When I read your comment I thought you were imploring Microsoft to stop the sale.
Just a friendly heads up.

Fro_xoxo2756d ago

Thanks. . Easy mistake to make ^_^.

Mikefizzled2757d ago

Buying Moon would be a very bizarre acquisition. Mainly because its barely a studio. Taken directly from the Ori website "This unique group is a collaboration between game developers located all over the world."
Also Ori had basically been in development with collaboration from Microsoft for 4 years, a fact I was unaware of.

700p2757d ago

xbox is the best when it comes to exclusives.

jahcure2757d ago

wait a minute....i've not been to metacritic in a long time, but the xbox one does not have a single exclusive scoring an average of 9/10????

MS needs to up the quality releases...ASAP

tinynuggins2757d ago

Same with sony. 90 metacritic's are pretty rare these days. Doesn't change the fact that both have some great titles.

DonFreezer2756d ago

Why does the game have a 89 on metacritic? Why do they always do that with Xbox One and Nintendo exclusives? Why don't they feature the perfect scores the game has gotten that we have seen on N4G?

N4GJD2756d ago

Just because a studio has large success with one game; does not mean it will the next one.

Bungie or Respawn Entertainment are recent examples of that. No one can honestly say Destiny or Titanfall hold the same level of success Halo and Call of Duty used to.

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Automatic792757d ago

Congratulations to Moon Studios and MS for such a unique experience. Can't wait to play tomorrow.

qwerty6762757d ago

about microsoft acquiring them

isn't moon studios not even a "studio" just some dudes working around the world and helping on this game as like a side project?

Tedakin2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I saw an interview with them last night, and yeah. They're literally 9 guys spread out, and they hire external contractors to help.

bleedsoe9mm2757d ago

ms has a real high batting average

Moldiver2757d ago

They are on some Derek jeter type stuff, for real.

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