GDC 2015: Extreme Exorcism Hands -On Preview – Spinning Heads Allowed | PSLS

PSLS writes: The organizers of GDC 2015 did a great job this year of highlighting indie developers and letting them show off their wares to the world in a couple of places. Whether it was at GDC Play or at the Indie MegaBooth, indie devs were a plenty and their games were pretty darn good. We got a sneak peak and hands-on with indie developer Golden Ruby Games’ Extreme Exorcism and it continued the awesome indie trend.

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I'm getting a bit overloaded with 2D games lately


Top 10 Underrated Games I've Reviewed (Year Two) - Another year's worth of hidden gems

A.J. says: "Video Chums debuted two years ago today and it has given me the opportunity to play many buried treasures. Here, I count down the ten most underrated games out of the 191 that I've reviewed within the past year. Enjoy!"

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I remember Klaus, that game is awesome!


2015: Ten games you may have missed

GamesAsylum: "We’ve seen fewer releases this year, especially during the usually crowded festive season. Even with fewer triple-A titles on the shelves though, a fair few games still sunk without trace. GamesAsylum looks at ten of these games"

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Extremely Clever Platforming With Extreme Exorcism | Game Industry

Fighting doppelgangers is nothing new to gamers. At some point, anyone who’s played an RPG or action game has wound up fighting an exact replica – or close comparison – to a player-controlled character. It makes sense to be so common in games; the main character is usually a formidable force, and it causes players to think how the best way to fight themselves would be.

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