Dual Shockers: Hands-On Preview: Fable Legends – Four Times the Chicken Chaser

DS: Darkness has once again come to the world of Albion and it’s going to take more than one Hero to save the day — four to be exact.

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mhunterjr2756d ago

Sounds fun, hopefully they continuously update the game with new characters and maps... But ofcourse, that would depend on if the game is good enough to compell people to buy stuff over time.

gangsta_red2756d ago

Excellent hands on preview. Was on the fence about this game but seeing as someone from duelshockers had a good time then there's no doubt that I will too.

Bigpappy2756d ago

What I end up noticing, is how darn pretty this game look. Hopefully they did this without hurting gameplay. Make me even more curious about DX12 and what it will do for graphics and other game features like AI.

WCxAlchemist2755d ago

Im in the beta can say this is the best looking game on next gen. Gameplay is really fun Plenty of replay because of Loot drops( always chasing for bigger better loot) and Character leveling...Great fun

hello122755d ago

I heard from people this is the best looking game on x box 1 so far, don't know because its currently in a closed beta.

Weird thing the x box 1 users who got in are they using dx12 like how did the api update itself on the system? DX12 doesn't arrive for x box 1 till 2015 just curious how fable legends runs on x box 1 currently?

Bigpappy2755d ago

They are able to build games on DX11 with DX12in mind. Then when DX12 is released, the enhancements will unlock.

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