Grab Yourself a Bonus Free Game on PSN for a Limited Time Only

There’s a cheeky little bonus on offer for those who are members of the lucrative PlayStation Plus club.

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LightDiego2755d ago

Looks fun. It's only for North America.

just_looken2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Off topic but ligtDiego that avatar of yours every time i see it i wonder what ash did to poor pikachu. It looks like pikachu is covering but why? also that face what did ash do to pikachu??.

Oh and the hat is from ash like a here yea go good sport reward hmmm

bouzebbal2754d ago

click bait article as usual from this website.
i always read comments before clicking.

it's Mighty Flip Champs and NA region only.
Who approves this s***?

2754d ago
DarkOcelet2755d ago

Thats a shame its only for US and CA. Ah well, hope you guys enjoy the free game.

GokuSolosAll2755d ago

Too bad it doesn't have Trophy support...

nowitzki20042754d ago

He does. He needs to feel like hes accomplishing something. Its the only time he does.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2754d ago

I would assume people who care about trophies care? Kinda like avid ice fishers care when it's ice fishing season.

Few care about there are those who do and discounting that is stupid.

nowitzki20042754d ago


I like them but I think they took a fun factor away from games when trophies and achievements came into play. Back in the day we used to just play for fun, now sometimes I find myself trying to get achievements and its not as fun as just playing for fun like we used to.

I would like to see more games stop using them. Maybe only have them for multiplayer.

BloodAddiction2754d ago

@nowitzki2004 get a wii u and kiss your achievments/trophies goodbye

KiwiViper852754d ago

Id rather they had achievements for single player only.

Multiplayer gamers play the same game over and over, they obviously do not care about achievements.

I miss out on 1000Gs because of stupid multiplayer.

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imuze2754d ago

that didn't ruin Guns of the Patriots...

yewles12755d ago

I didn't even know WayForward made a PS Mini...

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The story is too old to be commented.