Power Rangers Inspired 'Chroma Squad' Release Date Revealed

The last we heard from Chroma Squad, developer Behold Studios were in a battle with SABAN, the North American rights holders of the Power Rangers series, over the similarity to their Sentai brand. That dispute has now been settled and the game has a release date.

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Chroma Squad Review - Nintendo Switch - Switch Atlantic

Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG about five young stunt actors, who decide to quit their day jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show!

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Top 10 Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Of August 2019

Nintendo's Switch definitely had a lot of success so far and the games keep coming. Here is Spiel Time's article about the top 10 must-play Nintendo Switch games of August 2019.

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TK-661676d ago

Think I'll be picking up Astral Chain and Oninaki. Still need to check out the demo though to say for sure.


Five Indie Games That Should Be Ported to the Switch

Walker writes, "Dandy Dungeon, the weird and wonderful romance programming simulator is coming to the Switch, but I can think of five more oddball games that Nintendo needs to look at."