MGSV's Helicopter Can Heal Big Boss

A recent Kojima tweet showing Big Boss is very tired.

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DarkOcelet2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I think its recharging the Prosthetic arms abilities. I mean it can shock people so that arm has to be recharged.

" As you can see from the picture there is a blood transfusion pack"

Since when blood was colored Gold Yellow lol? I think that's some sort of fuel for the arm.

Also at 00777, you and Nyxus are great at delivering MGSV news very fast, keep up the amazing work ^_^

007772384d ago

Thanks my friend! I really appreciated. I also respect Nyxus for giving us very good info :)

007772384d ago

You are right! It might be a fuel pack for bionic arm...

scark922384d ago

Helicopter is Grey Fox confirmed?

ZombieGamerMan2384d ago

Why would your chopper heal you if you're health regens

EvilWay2384d ago

Was thinking the same thing

twiggytree122384d ago

Do we know for sure that health regenerates?

ZombieGamerMan2384d ago

If Ground Zeroes is anything to go buy then yes

twiggytree122384d ago

@zombie - hmm, I guess I didn't notice that, I do remember that when boss's health was near zero having to hold triangle to restore health. But at the same time I don't remember having to collect anything specific to healing...