GTA Online HeistsUpdate

ThisGenGaming says "Thousands of people are crashing Rockstar’s servers trying to access the eagerly anticipated Heists DLC, in a similar fashion to when the game’s online mode launched back in October 2013. Some of you may be reading this article that have not been able to play any of the Heists yet, so it'll be as spoiler free as possible. With that being said, this DLC is not just a few new jobs. There is a sizeable list of additions including minor graphical updates, new cars and guns, new clothes, new jobs and even a daily bounty system that we have seen in so many MMO’s and RPG’s as of late. So a fairly huge update for Grand Theft Auto Online that could even have been sold to us as a separate DLC, but wasn’t and we have the folks at Rockstar to thank for that."

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2756d ago
paddy952756d ago

I think 65% is good. Good job buddy! Soon you will be at 100% :D

Tru_Blu2756d ago

Well seems like the rockstar servers are down so it'll be awhile before we can even play it. Go figure

Thisgengaming2756d ago

In the meantime hopefully this review has gotten you more excited for when they start working again.

Immorals2756d ago

Played through the first, Nd most of the second heist. Then the servers went offline!

Looking for a crew on xb1, gamertag is my name!

Tankbusta402756d ago

I downloaded this today... But I'll try it a week from today.. Maybe then rockstar will have their stuff sorted... Hopefully