Ori and the Blind Forest Review – A Classic ‘Metroidvania’ Game on a Current-Gen Console | COG

A great 2D side scrolling game is something that is far and few between in present day, especially when not instilled with 8-bit or 16-bit visuals, but Moon Studios manages to show just how a modern version of an old school genre can look and play on today’s technology.

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KiwiViper852767d ago

Good review, Great to see this game doing so well, definitely my next purchase.

JCOLE131952767d ago

Great scores so far. I can't wait to play.

remixx1162767d ago

Typically I would say "splack" to review scores, but when a new ip, I'll be it indie, gets so many 9s you just gotta pick it up.

Naga2767d ago

Especially when said game is only $20.

remixx1162767d ago

Oops I meant albeit......... I'm terrible

gangsta_red2767d ago

Reviewers seem to all be loving this game. A good game will get good review scores and Ori is definitely a good game.

LAWSON722767d ago

If only buying my PC parts did not make me broke...

I was really looking forward to picking this up.

Stiffler2767d ago

I feel ya on that one. Only just picked up Homeworld Remastered and a few other games but the attraction to Ori is too much to miss. *Throws wallet at TV*

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