Gearbox reveals challenges in bringing 'Borderlands' to 1080p & 60 fps

Bringing these two games to the PS4 and Xbox One hasn't been an easy task, as many assume it is. In an exclusive interview with, Gearbox Software Producer James Lopez specified some of what made bringing both Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel to PS4 and Xbox One so difficult.

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Xavior_Reigns2766d ago

I'm sure it was because both PS4 & XBO have "Cell" in it...

PsBoxGamer2766d ago

I agree with all comments here.This is completely unacceptable! I DID not expect for this gen to be just a little better then last gen.Really ppl this crap is making me regreat upgrading these things.I love both my ps4 and xbox one bu t I'm disappointed. BEFORE the issue was oh " to little memory to work with" bla bla bla now what's the issues? I DON'T SEE WHY any of these developers cant pull of some thing so basic as 1080p 60 fps.

BVFTW2766d ago

Maybe they want to implement ultra settings and a decent physx profile, I remember that on PC you can enable the physx effects even if you're using an amd card but in this case the CPU will handle it (because Nvidia) and the amd cards benched some huge drops because of that, for example, if you enabled "high physx" with the more than capable "Radeon HD 7970" at 1080p the avg framerate was around 31-35 fps while the gtx 680 marked an avg of 65-70 fps (obviously nvidia taylored physx calculations to their GPUs) adding to this scenario I think that in 2012 (Borderlands 2) physx calculations were not threaded when handled by CPU (physx lite) so this might be one of the issues they where facing porting the game as we all know that the cpu of both consoles isn't anything to write home about and even enabling physx calculations in the gpu portions of the consoles APUs we can expect them to perform similar to the Gtx 660 at 1080p (45 fps avg with "medium physx") and with some optimisation crunch this number can reach the golden ticket of 60 fps unlocked.

showtimefolks2766d ago

gearbox you all should have included the first borderlands with all its DLC

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The story is too old to be commented.