Global Weekly Video Game Sales [21 February]

The global game sales chart of the week ending the 21st of February.

3DS 282,829 (-33%) 51,335,876
PS4 194,304 (+14%) 19,598,618
XOne 85,262 (-3%) 11,549,746
PSV 56,544 (+104%) 10,006,966
WiiU 51,553 (-7%) 9,289,216
PS3 46,736 (-2%) 85,244,750
X360 30,804 (+7%) 84,610,379
Wii 3,570 (-5%) 100,962,523

1. The Order 1886 (PS4) | 559,008 - 559,009
2. Majora's Mask 3D (3DS) | 234,463 - 1,099,128
3. God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PSV) | 229,326 - 229,326
4. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) | 94,055 - 2,896,175
5. Evolve (PS4) | 86,739 - 424,169

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DarkOcelet3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

560k for The Order 1886!

Thats impressive for a new ip. Especially one that got so much hate. Glad it sold well.

And 200k for the PS4 is amazing. I see The Order 1886 has pushed it sales, and so will Bloodborne. Thats great.

Also i am pretty sure both PS4 and The Order 1886 sold more, VGchartz usually under tracks the PS4 and the games in general.

The Last Of Us sold more than 7 million copies on PS3 alone and they still have it at 5 million? SMH.

elazz3385d ago

Yes, currently with only 1 week to go there is a gap of 600k as Sony announced 20.2m sold units to consumers. So undertracked with around 400k if next week is equal.

Order probably around 700k with digital which are very good numbers indeed

3385d ago
chrismichaels043385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Congrats to Sony and the PS4 on its continued worldwide success. And as a bonus, its good to see The Order 1886 had another good week in sales as well. Its a pretty good game and a very promising new IP franchise that deserves to be supported.

PeaSFor3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

"week ending the 21st"

so, that's only in ONE day?

wow, it bombed so hard right?RIGHT?

lmao haters gonna hate even more, pretty great news and we can expect a sequel now that RAD engine 4.0 proved us how awesome it can be(not a single bug during my playthrough) and obviously with the ending, now that we know the lore and the characters, i bet the sequel will be pure dynamite.

Cindy-rella3385d ago

Ps4 is outselling the cheaper xbox one by a wide margin. Good to see the order 1886 selling well. Bloodborne should sell well and increase sales of the ps4 as well.

Cupid_Viper_33385d ago

Only counting 1 day of sales for the Order 1886, So first week sales should be at about 1 million or so if we include digital sales.

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sprinterboy3385d ago

Plus digital sales, so we're looking at around the 650,000 figure for a new ip, that's gtreat

DarkOcelet3385d ago

It could be more than 700k for all we know. But i am pretty sure it sold more than 1 million by March 1st.

MysticStrummer3385d ago

"560k for The Order 1886!"

It released on the 20th, so that 560k is only one day's worth of sales. Same goes for the US numbers obviously.

spacewarrior13385d ago

glad to see PS4 selling well because its a good console. The Order though isn't a good game. if you think The Order is good then your not a real gamer. 5 hour game were 3 hours are cutscenes, repetitive enemies, no real ending, linear as a corridor, boring gameplay, wack a mole enemies, quick time event galore, focus on graphics, awful story and unskipable cutscenes. stupid fanboys trying to ruin gaming by supporting casual trash.

LoveSpuds3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Who the heck are you to judge chief? I thought it was a decent game, am I not a "real gamer"? Whatever the hell that means?!

Wind your neck in a bit and just accept that different people like different things, it drives me nuts when people cast their own opinion as fact, as if their opinion matters more than someone elses....drives me bonkers!

Letthewookiewin3385d ago

Been playing games for thirty years, I really liked The Order. I would certainly change some things. But had no regrets in my play through.

Eddie201013385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )


You obviously have not played the game, The 5 hour game play video was a speed run and it had to be the person who made the videos second play through to have been able to complete the game that quickly. Playing the game normally takes at least 8 to 10 hours. Since the length of the cut scenes can't change (2 hours) that leaves about 8 hours of actual game play, normal for a story driven game. nearly all of what you say is not true, and what is true many games are guilty of and have been well liked by many

Wack a mole enemy's, don't know where you get that dumb sh12 from. Their are stealth segments like Metal gear solid, and there are third person shooter segments that are like Gears of war and those segments are just as entertaining and challenging as the games I mentioned they are similar to. The quick time parts of the game combine player controlled actions with quick time moments and are a small part of the game. Even though, the quick time interaction can be compared to pressing the b button to block. The game has a cliff hanger type ending that hints at what's to come in the story which is not the best but certainly isn't a bad story by any means. Interactions with doors and objects are not quick time events and are done the same way most all games do them.

Same with some reviewers they keep giving the same miss information, I honestly can't take them seriously.

The game is great but not flawless, as is all games. Your level of enjoyment will depend on weather you like this type of game or not, not being into a type of game does not make it a bad game, period.

Real gamer's are anyone that play games, I've been playing video games since the early seventies, playing Pong and Space Invaders in the grocery and convenience stores. I have played and own thousands of games. I ain't no chump either.

Shnazzyone3385d ago

Monster Hunter 4 doin pretty good too.

Ch1d0r13384d ago

Not everyone's online looking at reviews and taking other opinions on games. So happy for them, they posted better sales than Evolve which's been out 2 weeks.

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realplayer823385d ago

So glad the order is selling well proves that people dont listen to the biased reviews.

Dynasty20213384d ago Show
italiangamer3385d ago

With LOLchartz it's safe to say that PS4 and The Order sold at least 50K more than what is shown here. Can't believe a few years ago I costantly checked this joke of a site for sales numbers, but it was before I discovered here on N4G that it's run by an xbot so I'm apologized lol.

Inzo3385d ago

Well well well, The Order top of the charts, who'd thunk it. Luckily consumers aren't as stupid as reviewers think they are.

MysticStrummer3385d ago

Yup. Too bad for the haters here. : )

spacewarrior13385d ago

consumers are stupid though for falling for Sony's hype. the reviews called out The Order for the awful game it is and the rabid Sony fanboys came out in full force. thats the reason people bought it because of the controversy the same happened with Watch dogs and Destiny and both of those are just as awful as The Order. all companies have to do is say 1080p and advertise the hell out of it and people fall for it all the time. if anything people are stupid for buying The Order because now every dev will look at the sales of The Order and think we all want interactive movies that play themselves.

Cupid_Viper_33385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )


"the reviews called out The Order for the awful game it is and the rabid Sony fanboys came out in full force. thats the reason people bought it because of the controversy the same happened with Watch dogs and Destiny and both of those are just as awful as The Order."

The reviews called out The Order, and then SharePlay and online playthroughs called out the reviewers and exposed them. That you and you're buddies are still on here denying that people are enjoying the game despite the numbers is very telling.

By now, The Order 1886 have probably outsold FH2 and SSO, in less than a month on the market. It's almost as if people know that reviewers overhype Xbox One Games, and underrates PS4 games. This 560,000 you see here is the most conservative numbers that VGChartz felt like they could get away with, without raising too many eyebrows. This game has been topping charts everywhere, and has most likely sold a million plus by now.

For every PlayStation Game they try to put down, the sales come back and bite them. For every PlayStation they have tried to put under the bus, people vote with their wallets, and for every Xbox One game they try to force feed folks, people barely show up to pick them up.

Driveclub a New Ip has sold almost as much as Halo MCC.
LBP3 outsold both FH2 and SSO, yet the Xbox camp claimed that PS4 had no system sellers for holiday 2014.

The Order I'm assuming has also outsold both FH2 and SSO too, since this is only counting 1 day of sales.

You guys have to give it up and start actually buying "all of those games" you claim to have.

Inzo3385d ago

Its a sad world you live in. I haven't played Destiny so I cant say much about it but saying Watch Dogs is an awful game is pushing it, it is not the best game out there at all, not even close but it is not nearly as bad as you pretend it to be, I say pretend because I dont think, like the Order (and this line proves I'm right "we all want interactive movies that play themselves."), you have ever played the game.

Bubiii3385d ago

The Order 1886 #1. Well deserved, great start. Hope to see the sequel.

Spotie3385d ago

It's funny, cuz there are some people running around spinning the negative reviews as the true measure of the game, yet according to these (rumored) numbers, the game has done more than well.

I'm sure they'll try to spin it, anyway, saying these (supposed) sales are only because people got fooled. But, frankly, isn't that a little hard to believe, considering just how much negativity The Order was surrounded by? Doesn't it seem more likely that people WEREN'T fooled, particularly by the smear campaign launched against the title?

maniacmayhem3385d ago

CoD sells a million plus, does that make it the best game ever?

Just because something sells well doesn't necessarily always means it's the best thing ever. I'm sure you realize this when you where Hicken and you were constantly hating on CoD, calling the people who bought it sheep. Or did you forget that?

It seems more likely that people WERE fooled and dazzled by The Order's spectacular gameplay. Almost like a Michael Bay preview that bombards your senses with constant explosions and gun fights.

What smear campaign, you mean how critics didn't like the game. That's considered a smear campaign?

Eddie201013383d ago

No, CoD selling millions doesn't make it the best but it does make it a game that many people find enjoyable.

No one says The Order 1886 is the best, but I think with all the negativity that the game has gotten from the time it was announced and it selling pretty well in spite all the negativity from half the media (half the media giving fairly good reviews), that people think this is enjoyable and that they can't be told what to buy by the negative media and negative fanboys and make up their own mind. Sends a big F U to dishonest people.