Dying Light New Content Leaked, Will Have Bow & Arrows,Dune Buggies To Crush Zombies

Dying Light is one of the successful games from the developer Techland that came out recently and the fans are getting some new content for their loyalty and love for the new franchise.

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1856d ago Replies(1)
Lord_Sloth1856d ago

FINALLY! I cannot wait to run and jump from a building into a pile of trash while raining arrows down upon the zombies!

PyroMessiah861856d ago

It's not a leak when this video appears in game at the title screen as a thank you message!

Grave1856d ago

Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

faddi1856d ago

Its basically a leak because the official announcement haven't been made yet in public its just something you encountered in the game as a message.

RedSoakedSponge1855d ago

i dont think you understand what a leak is. a leak is when information is unintentionally "leaked" out. This is obviously intentional.

WCxAlchemist1856d ago

If it dont make Money it dont make sense

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