Can you survive Hard mode? New Dying Light video shows you what to expect

New video released by Techland showcases hard mode. Hard mode is completely free and ramps up the difficulty for players that like a challenge. Can you survive? More details available.

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UKmilitia2766d ago

hard mode????
its already pretty bloody hard .

Kingdomcome2472766d ago

I didn't have too much trouble simply because I ran around doing side quests and leveling up before I really started to knock out the story. I found some great weapons along the way as well. I'm eager to give this a go, though along with the battle arena that's set to release later.

GearSkiN2766d ago

Game is not really that hard, glad the night is alot longer, hard mode deff add an suspense to it

Satyre282766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

This game is by far my favorite game of this generation. It is so well made, no FPS drops, the coop is seamless, the story is well done, and its completely open world. You have crafting, loot, and a leveling system, this game does it all and its a complete blast to play. If anyone hasnt yet i highly highly recommend you pick this game up you will not be disappointed.

On that note i cant wait to beat it again on the hard mode, BRING IT ON!

UKmilitia2765d ago

im playing it on ps4 and its a blast but (SPOILER MAYBE)i have had screen tearing on the indoor area on way to OLDTOWN.
i jump in water and guys shooting at me and then im in a building,i had really bad tearing till i was back outside and then perfect again.

MysticStrummer2766d ago

I hope you can switch to Hard mode during a current play through. I've been playing co-op with my brothers but it's not often we can all get on and we agreed not to advance the story without the others, so my character is already too powerful for where we are in the story.

gangsta_red2766d ago

In my opinion hard mode should have been in the game fro the beginning.

ReesesPuffs2765d ago

I agree with you but it is nice to be receiving it for free. They could have gone the Metro Last Light path and charged us for all of these things individually

FPS_D3TH2766d ago

Well made game but the content wasn't enough to keep me hooked. Traded this in yesterday after finding out about 4 trophies are glitched.

Psychotica2766d ago

You traded it in because of some useless trophy?? LOL

FPS_D3TH2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Oh screw you trophy haters. I don't bother with every game but I finished the game and had nothing else to do in it and wasn't going to trade it in until handsome Jack collection was out. I was always going to trade it in. It's a fun game but for me had no replay value and the Dlc offerings pretty lame. So yeah, after finding out that I can't get a few more trophies out the game before trading it in for handsome Jack collection, an attempt to get more out of the game, I just traded it then and there. It's not a bad game, just not the zombie game I want to bother spending more time with and once you're max level and run around a bit like you have all game, it gets boring. Even with friends. Kudos to you if you like it and can play it all the time,

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The story is too old to be commented.