GDC 2015: Mekazoo Hands-On Preview – Party Animal

Out of 50 exhibitors participating in GDC Play this year, only eight would be recognized as the Best in Play. One of these was developer The Good Mood Creators’ fun “mekanimal” 2D puzzle-platformer Mekazoo. And after playing through the demo, it was easy to see why it earned such high praise.

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ftwrthtx2767d ago

Another indie developer and another gorgeous game.


The PS4 has almost too many of these indie games coming. Impossible to buy all of them.

TerminalGamer2767d ago

Not a bad problem to have. Lol

knifefight2766d ago

I dunno about that. They tend to be short an inexpensive. You're probably right that it's impossible to get ALL, of course, but I think I can fit a whole pilefull, that's for sure!