GamesBeat: Hotline Miami 2 upset my neighbors more than Grand Theft Auto ever did (review)

If you’re ready for another snort of neon ultraviolence, Hotline Miami 2 is here to hook you up with style and the fun kind of challenge.

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barefootgamer2755d ago

Loved the first game. Glad to hear the second one is good too!

darkronin2292755d ago

Cool! This kinda makes me wish I could finish the first one (Vita broke, and haven't had the money yet to fix it).

midnightambler2755d ago

I came to the original really late. I wasn't expecting that much, and it blew me away.

This sounds like more of the same, but that's alright by me.

Master-H2755d ago

Bought it on Vita earlier, 10% off. ; )