The Great Halo Master Chief Collection Murder Mystery

How did Halo The Master Chief Collection die? And who’s responsible?

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Foehammer2757d ago


20% of install base is murder, lol

christocolus2757d ago

Does the author even know the MP has been fixed now? The Halo page on Reddit which he talks about is filled with comments from halo fans who are currently enjoying their time with the mp. Halo 5 has nothing to do with this ,the just concluded beta was fantastic and the game whenever it is released will most likely do well.if anything i'll say 343i has learnt a great deal from the MCC mp mishaps and it won't happen in Halo 5. Lets not forget that it was the same 343i who made Halo4 sp&mp and that game had no mp issues at launch,the mp in MCC wasn't done by 343i it was contracted out to different studios.

I still got a lot of faith in 343i. Halo 5 will be awesome and yes what happened to MCC mp was highly disappointing but i'm sure Halo fans will gradually return to the game now also MS can properly push it now that the mp works perfectly.

mhunterjr2757d ago

Kind of a strange article considering the most recent patch being so effective... The match making Lobbies must be quite full, because finding games takes no time. If MCC was 'dead' at launch, then it's been resurrected.