Rumor: PS4 Exclusive Production Started On Long Awaited 'Big' PS2 IP

Take the following with a grain of salt as this only remains a rumor for now and nothing has been officially confirmed by Sony yet but well known Industry Insider @Tidux had some big PS4 news to share on Twitter.

According to the Swedish industry insider production has started on a long awaited IP from the Playstation 2 which will be coming exclusively to the PS4.

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Abash2756d ago

There are so many it could be it feels like. Im personally hoping it's Jak and Daxter!

Nyxus2756d ago

Would be awesome but I doubt ND has the manpower to make both this and Uncharted 4 at the same time.

Haru2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Actually it has been allready confirmed that ND are working on another project beside Uncharted 4

DarkOcelet2756d ago

Ok i gathered a small list of games that might get the sequel.

Jak 4
Getaway 3
Dark Cloud 3
The last Guardian or Shadow Of the Colossus 2
Okami 2
Rouge Galaxy 2
Crash Bandicoot 4

PoSTedUP2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

id have to say Jak or Bully. i love Jak but hopefully its Bully to make up for the what-the-hell-ever-happened-to -The-Agent ordeal.

Jaqen_Hghar2756d ago

doesn't have to be ND first of all (Sanzaru made the best Sly yet so a man would trust them with it) and second of all ND has 2 teams.

kayoss2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

how bout God of War 4??

Nevermind, Missed the "PS2 IP" part.

spacewarrior12756d ago

i'd rather they cancel Uncharted 4 and work on Jak 4 instead. ahh back when Naughty dog made fun games not generic third person shooters.

BitbyDeath2756d ago

From Tidux, take with over 9000 trucks of salt.

HammadTheBeast2756d ago

Shadow of the Colossus 2 doesn't need to happen. It was a good game on its own right, I don't think they'll be able to capture the same atmosphere when people have played the first.

MysticStrummer2756d ago

@Ocelot - The Last Guardian 2? I must have been in a coma when the first one released. ; )

@kayoss - God of War 1 and 2 were on PS2 so GoW4 can't be ruled out, though I hope if the franchise continues it will be a different hero against a different pantheon of gods.

OT - Syphon Filter debuted on PS1, but I will dare to dream.

chrismichaels042756d ago

Syphon Filter reboot or Jak 4 would be my vote.

breakpad2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Monster Hunter for FS ....

morganfell2756d ago

His tweet seems to indicate it isn't a Sony IP but rather is exclusive to the PS4. Also if it is a Sony IP you do not need to state coming exclusively to the PS4 as he did. So I would discount games such as The Getaway or Jak. There is a difference.

He made a point to say from the PS2 era. Everything in that cryptic message points to exclusive from a 3rd party. I would look at a title originally scheduled to be multiplatform that was cancelled or placed on hold. Something along the lines of Starcraft Ghost.

vishmarx2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Shadow hearts?
is it big enough?
rogue galaxy?
dark cloud

bouzebbal2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

He said PS4 exclusive, not Sony IP

MajorLazer2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Getaway 3, please! I will cry tears of joy if that is the case

ChronoJoe2755d ago


Yes but ND also said (in a game informer interview) that they're done making cartoony games. So Jack and Daxter seems unlikely. Although if it was Jak and Daxter, an ultra-realistic approach might prove interesting.

Still, I expect it to be Syphon Filter, especially with Sony bend hiring recently.

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-Foxtrot2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

It's hard to pinpoint since we don't know if the franchise went multiplatform for a little while during the PS3/360 or it's always been an exclusive to Sony platforms. It might of been something which has never been heard of since.

Jak and Daxter


The Getaway

Dark Cloud

TimeSplitters (Wasn't there a rumour this could of been an exclusive a while back)


Resident Evil Outbreak

Blackleg-sanji2756d ago

Ok plz o plz o plz dark cloud 3 that's all I want man at least give me an collection of the other 2

DarkOcelet2756d ago

If Resident Evil Outbreak file 3 happened. I will die from the shock of the announcement. The game is an underrated masterpiece that should have been released in the PS3/360 era.

Muzikguy2756d ago

All of those are great. I'd love to see a new Timesplitters game. That on current hardware would be awesome! They all would actually

hkgamer2756d ago

out of your list, getaway or dark cloud seems most likely.

i wouldnt mind another outbreak. never played it because of no online mp in pal territories.

johnsonbat2756d ago

Timeslpitters would turn me on.

kmeck5182755d ago


Is there a strongly agree button?

Elite-uk2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

please let it be RE outbreak file #3, that would be class!.

Edit: my money is on Timesplitters or Crash.

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Mega242756d ago

Or, it could be Getaway 3! So many games, nostalgia!

BG115792756d ago

And no one is saying Syphon Filter...

deadpoolio3162756d ago

Because at this point we don't need another generic Splinter Cell clone....Syphon Filter was fine in its time, other games have come along that are better than what Syphon Filter ever was

MysticStrummer2756d ago

@deadpoolio - Syphon Filter was a Splinter Cell clone? First time I've ever heard that crazy talk. SF only released 3 years before SC...

Dasteru2756d ago


First Syphon Filter - PS1, Jan 1999.
First Splinter Cell - Xbox, Nov 2002.

Which is the clone?

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DarkOcelet2756d ago

I cant believe i forgot that. Syphon Filter 4 or Reboot would be amazing too. Logan's Shadow and Dark Mirror were amazing. I cant believe it skipped the PS3 gen entirely.

Dirtnapstor2756d ago

SF was primarily a PS1 IP. I'd love The Getaway revisited!

SmielmaN2756d ago

Apocalypse with Bruce Willis!!! He could still voice act it.

Apocalypse 2: Apocalypse Harder

LightDiego2756d ago

Ratchet & Clank, and Insomniac already confirmed, lolol.

Spenok2756d ago

Too bad it's not a long awaited "PS1 RPG" lol.

Spotie2756d ago

I'm hoping for Zone of the Enders 3.

elninels2756d ago

Guys what about the warriors? Am I the only one that loved that game? great fun in coop as well.

hindey192755d ago

I love how that's your suggestion.

I think it would be amazing, just thought it's funny given your username.

solid_snake36562755d ago

@hindey19 socom is my favorite multiplayer game. I spent well over 1000 combined hours in the socom franchise. Mgs though is my favorite franchise

RobertDowneyJr2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Since they don't own Crash or Spyro I'll take that. Sanzaru (who did my favorite Sly) or of course Naughty Dog would give me confidence in its quality. I would also like it in the style of the first. I'll voice the new villain...for 50 million

KirbysDump2756d ago

Meanwhile on Xbox we have the new critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest

hiredhelp2755d ago

Did bit digging found something intresting could point to sony bend.

MadLad2755d ago

This is what I'm really hoping for as well.

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Relientk772756d ago

You have my full attention, can't wait to see it!

DarkOcelet2756d ago

I think Its either Dark Cloud 3 or Jak 4.

scark922756d ago

Dark Cloud 3 was first in my mind

nicksetzer12756d ago

Dark cloud 3 would be a freaking dream come true. Can't see any other title I'd be more excited about.

Myze2756d ago

Yeah, Dark Cloud 3 would be awesome. I think it's a tie between Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest 8 as the best ps2 RPG, although, there were a lot of really good ones.

While I liked Dark Cloud 1, 2 was such a well done, unique experience that was fairly massive in terms of variety. Now, if they can make as big a leap from 2-3 as they did from 1-2, it will become my most wanted ps4 game. Ah, who am I kidding, if they announce it, it will pretty much jump to my top 3 before I even know anything about it.

RobertDowneyJr2756d ago

Jak 4 by Sanzaru or Naughty Dog would be pretty awesome

RedDevils2755d ago

I want Dark Cloud 3 over Jak 4 any days, I already played hell out of the Jake when it was awesome on PS2 and platinum it on PS3, I see no point making it 4. I hope Naughty Dog move on from it and make a new IP or tlou 2 or something

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Gardenia2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Jak & Daxter

Ratchet & Clank


God of War


BartMoons2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

The Getaway or Dark Cloud?

PoSTedUP2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

ive been saying 'the getaway3' with certainty for the last 9 years. dont become me, dont let your soul turn black. dont let it torment you, eat you alive with impassive jowels, ruin your candor and squeeze away your happiness. turn away while you still can.

SoapShoes2756d ago

With the PS4 we'd actually be able to get graphics in game as good if not better than the PS3 teaser. It was almost photorealistic!

InTheLab2756d ago

Would love to see the Getaway return. That or The Mark of Kri...

Muzikguy2756d ago

I loved the Mark of Kri

SmielmaN2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

A proper Getaway would be epic for me. Bring back some great memories of playing the first one with my buddy. We would put the camera in the cinematic or stationary mode to follow the car and then smash it into everything with rock music playing over the game sound. Goal was to time wicked/hilarious wrecks with major parts in the song. Hilarious.

Prob fav song from that summer to play that game with was "Summer time in the void" by I Mother Earth. Loved it. Check out "one more astronaut" by them too, awesome song.

JMaine5182756d ago

I'm going with Jak and Daxter or The Getaway