Tom Clancy's The Division Gets New Details About Dynamic Events, Moral Choices and Much More

The German magazine GamePro has given us brand new details about one of the most anticipated games of 2015: Tom Clancy's The Division.

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UKmilitia2757d ago

they have added fast travel but dont want you to use it??
take it out then.

DLConspiracy2757d ago

They want to leave it as an option so people complain less probably.

JoGam2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

You can't deny it looks good. Too bad its PS6 and Xbox 3 versions. Can't wait to see the PS4/XB1 version.

UKmilitia2757d ago

Very true but in a time when there is no faster way than foot it shouldnt be there.
I dont think dying light has it except from old town to slums which keeps you in the game which is good.
i wont use it but as you say some will moan.

xploz1on2757d ago

Think of it as a reward for not always using the easy way and to experiment the reality of leaving safety to a distant place for supply to survive!!!

Mega242757d ago

Yes, moral choices, they should impact a character on a positive/negative way. If done right, it could be a must buy for me.

Maxor2757d ago

Please don't be like Destiny. Please!!

Avernus2757d ago

I want to get excited about this game, but I won't. It's hard getting hyped up for games when you know they're going to disappoint.

Ubisoft behind this, so yeeaaaa, my hype meter is at 0 at this point.


All I need to remember.

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