Just Cause 3 Inspired By Transformers Films

During the Pax East 2015 Just Cause 3 panel art director Zach Schlappi explained that the early films from Transformers that was directed by Michael Bay inspired the art of the game.

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DarkOcelet2761d ago

Well, at least explosions in games looks more cooler because you are the one who is doing it.

So i expect the game to be fast paced and everything exploding everywhere. Neat.

error132761d ago

So im guessing a lot of lens flare and camera bloom will be present in JC3. :P

Adexus2761d ago

Can't wait for this but I wonder when it'll come out since Mad Max is coming September 1st.

DarkOcelet2761d ago

My guess, between June and July.

Summons752761d ago

Oh god, don't say that! Whelp, expectations now lowered but still expecting an awesome game.

2761d ago