Cities: Skylines Top Tips - Your guide to a dream city

Dealspwn writes: "Our verdict on Cities: Skylines has been delivered, and overall we were impressed with Colossal Order's take on the city building sim genre. However, to be a top mayor you need to know how to work the system, how to balance the books, and how not to have corpses everywhere (no, really. That can happen.) So, to help you in your goal for the perfect metropolis we've put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to guide you on your way!"

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bggriffiths2767d ago

Nice, this'll come in handy. Hopefully one of them can tell us how to go back in time and not sploosh all that money on EA's SimCity online mess.

crazychris41242767d ago

Other tips would be...

Just learn the mechanics of the game in your 1st city. Dont be afraid to test things out. My 1st city was horrible but now I have a couple that are doing very well

Keep the leisure rate up. You want light blue so just go to town with parks or special buildings like museums, arenas or malls.

Once you start unlocking your chance to get your 3rd or 4th tile you should buy tiles that have your highways in them. Default off ramps are a single lane but you can fix them up to be 6 lane off ramps to improve traffic. But dont be surprised to see a kilometer long line in the left lane with the other 5 lanes empty. Hopefully they fix this glitch.

Roads with special buildings like fire stations, landfills, and more should be at least 2 lanes on each side. You wont be able to upgrade your road if you keep it at just a single lane each side. Very annoying when you have to empty your landfill and then relocate it.

Build lots of garbage incinerators once you have it unlocked. It gives you power and you dont have to worry about emptying landfills. I had 4 lined up next to each other at the edge of the city in one of my games.

Dont go to town with power lines, you only need 1 tower inside these blue squares(you will see when you play it). If the buildings are close to each other the power will just spread to them.

and finally keep an eye on the Steam workshop for helpful mods like pre done interchanges, cool buildings and more.

Koopdogg2766d ago

thanks for the tips my friend ,just bought game and your info will come in very handy