Top 5 PlayStation Franchises

PlayStation LifeStyle's latest video takes a look at the Top 5 PlayStation Franchises.

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Sony Rocks CES With Great PlayStation Displays

Here is a look at some of the great stuff Sony had to share at their booth at CES 2024.


How Shawne Benson is Driving PlayStation's Content Strategy

Boardroom talked to Shawne Benson about her career trajectory, her team's pivotal work at PlayStation, and what she's most passionate about.

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PlayStation Pulse Explore Review • iPhone in Canada

Sony expands its PlayStation audio suite with the certifiably premium PlayStation Pulse Explore earbuds. The buds and case complement the family of devices surrounding the PlayStation 5––unique design quirks and all. With the PlayStation Pulse Explore comes low latency audio and lossless support all via PlayStation Link, providing an exceptional listening experience while playing on PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac.

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Babadook749d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Shoot. Seems like the bass is missing out. And not great battery. I was waiting for these for my PSVR2 but its not for me after all.