Shacknews | Interview: Eric Peterson Kicks Descent: Underground Into Action

Eric Peterson, CEO, Descendent Studios talks to us about Descent: Undground, a reboot of the first-person vehicle-based sci-fi shooter from the 90s.

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Descendent Studios Scores a Big Win Against Little Orbit in Descent Lawsuit

A judge has issued an order in favor of Descendent Studios in the Descent lawsuit brought against the company by its publisher Little Orbit.

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Descent Caught In Limbo As Little Orbit Allegedly Won't Publish

Descent director Eric Peterson has taken to Discord to talk about the state of the game and it's current status in publishing limbo due to Little Orbit

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Descent Reboot To Release In Early 2019, Pre-Orders Open Soon

New Descent trailer showcases story, overhauled gameplay & visuals, game to release in early 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

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Doomster19711976d ago

Hell yeah. I loved Descent back in the day.

frymuchan1976d ago

Yah, I agree and it looks great...

Cajun Chicken1976d ago

That looks pretty sweet near the end. Love that they kept the same logo.