NGB | Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Review

NGB Wrote: "That said, Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is thoroughly successful in its attempts to build a disconcerting world to play through. Its tendency towards being somewhat on the easy side doesn’t detract from the experience – by having puzzles that can be figured out through logic or trial and error, OhNoo allow even the most unskilled point and click players to progress through their twisted tale. Being a low-budget, independently published release, there are understandably a few short-comings – yet its simplistic animations, and forgettable music don’t dampen the engrossing quest to escape a horrific fate. Although it is very easy to feel safe in a graphic adventure – because instant death is a rarity in the genre and you hardly ever need quick reflexes in order to progress – OhNoo have crafted something entirely unsettling, yet strangely compelling."

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