DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Visual Analysis - PS4 vs. Xbox One Head To Head

Dante shows us how remasters should be done.

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Foehammer2767d ago

Looks good regardless of console choice

Really the best part is that DMC is now multiplatform for all to enjoy.

Christopher2767d ago

It was always multiplatform...

***So unlike, say, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Ninja Theory and in this case QLOC has found a way to properly scale its framework with minimal differences between the current gen platforms.***

After looking at this, it's really just a lazy upscale port. "finding a way" means they just did minimal work. There really aren't any noticeable enhancements here at all. It's running at a higher resolution, but looks like 720p still. The only real gain is the 60fps, but that's easy to get when you just upscale graphics rather than doing any real work on the back end.

MasterCornholio2767d ago

Yes it sounds like a pretty lazy port to me. But hey at least the framerate is good unlike the PS3 version that I played which was choppy as heck.

Gamer19822767d ago

they said the average framerate was 55 on ps4 and 57 on xbox one? If there is only 2 fps between them I would say there pretty much even as it depends on what you do in the game. So they are pretty much neck and neck framerate wise with only 2fps differnce I bet if they ran it again they would probably get 2fps the other way. They both 1080p too but it looks like a last gen game. See this is the only issue we will have. You can have upgraded new flashy graphics or 1080p 60fps. Not both... At least not for 3rd party games anyway.

Roccetarius2767d ago

Figures that it would be a lazy port, and they're probably going to do the same thing with DMC 4.

Father__Merrin2767d ago

dmc is a corrupt game I won't buy

deadpoolio3162767d ago

Thats OK I'll buy 2 copies to show them people want a sequel to the reboot

BoNeSaW232766d ago

Make that 14 copies.
I'm sure the 7 disagrees won't be purchasing either.

TheGamingArt2766d ago

I'll buy 2 more out of spite.

SnakePlissken2767d ago

Dmc was great game, do not be fooled by some. I actually wanted to play to the end, unlike many games today that cant hold my attention for long. The port is not gonna look much different in terms of graphics, so dont get your hopes up. If you never played it, get this game!!!

Genuine-User2767d ago

Looks good on both platforms. Xbox one has better anisotropic filtering.
I'm not sure what's going on but this is the 3rd or fourth unreal engine game with AF issues on PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.