What exactly is Microsoft's big idea for gaming?

Microsoft's GDC charm offensive was designed to complement its January roll-out of Windows 10 which, we're told, will shower goodies upon gamers. But what exactly are we being promised and how does it benefit Microsoft?

Microsoft is an immensely powerful company with a significant interest in PC operating systems, tablets, mobile phones, games console sales, online gaming subscriptions and game sales.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2761d ago

Interesting article. Microsoft always has an agenda or an ulterior motive with what ever it is they undertake. The only way that Xbox will grow and flourish is when Microsoft begins to understand that gamers aren't a cash cow, rather gamers are a resource that should be developed, harnessed, cultivated, and encouraged to grow. Gamers come from all walks of life, socioeconomic backgrounds, and age groups and possess the knowledge and skills from every industry in existence. Ignore gamers and you'll lose their trust. Manipulate them and word of your schemes will spread like wildfire. Microsoft is pushing Xbox towards the right path, but there's more to be done. If Xbox wants to succeed, it's library must be as diverse as the target audience and right now, that just isn't the case.

Automatic792761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )


Your statement about understanding gamers is what Xbox/Microsoft teams have integrated why do you think they have a preview program, website dedicated to gamers idea for improvement's, further, why do you think they made Phil Chief of First party and overall Xbox operations because its all about us gamers. Granted there rocky start messed up a what was considered a great generational run with Xbox 360, but now more then ever they are pushing to make this generation one of the best ever for Xbox fans regardless of what position they are in.

Note: As far as diversity 2015 has brought Screamride, Ori and Blind forest and State of Decay. I consider that diverse. So please leave your agenda elsewhere. I don't have to list the amount of games to show diversity. Gamers have been seeing it since launch on Xbox One.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I agree with the preview program. All Xbox needs now is to diversify is library. The exclusive games that the Xbox One has at the moment don't appeal to a wide audience and the sales of software for the console reflect that.

JRPGs, Flight Simulation, Strategy, Tactical RPGs, Space Exploration...

These are the types of games that will probably be readily available on the PS4 and are already out on the WiiU. Shooters, niche action and fighting games will only take the Xbox One so far.


I don't hate the Xbox One or anyone who chooses it as their choice of gaming platform. What I do hate is liars, manipulators, con-men, and schemers who make up stories in order to deceive, use double-speak and riddles to conceal flaws, and people like you who try to incite flame wars where there are none. I'm stating my opinions based on the things that have happened, the Xbox One line-up, and comments like yours. If you want to believe that my comments are hurtful or somehow bashing your console of choice, you're fully within your rights to think that, however, people who are able to think INDEPENDENTLY will see my comments as constructive criticism and nothing more.

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Kleptic2761d ago

^but that is where these kinds of discussions fall apart...

loyalty has NOTHING to do with it...if you like a certain gaming brand, or hardware maker, fine...but when discussing the business aspects of the doesn't make sense...

'you' are happy with how diverse the Xbox One has become since release...the general public...isn' can point fingers at Sony, and yes, they've made some pretty laughable mistakes as well lately (a racing game that continues to not work, the highest priced movie i've even seen released 2 weeks ago, etc...)...but overall...Sony is pretty much doubling the Xone's market infiltration...

business wise...that isn't good...even in Sony's darkest hour with the release of the PS3, they weren't struggling that bad...Sony shareholder's have never been sharpening the knife for SCE for years on end...but even that doesn't matter, as sony is selling hardware...and simultaneously doing nothing on the software side...

I think the bigger picture is where it gets more complicated...No one is getting gaming exactly right...Sony sure isn't, but they're selling the most hardware some how...Xbox has done a great job with transparency to the consumer since its worst couple of months in history (mid to late 2013)...but that hasn't translated into tangible and consistent sales as of yet...and Nintendo is so out of touch its barely worth mentioning from a business perspective...

I just continue to be surprised as to how few 'gamers' are capable of looking at the industry objectively...we all love gaming...but how can anyone really say that everything is great right now? Value in games have been on a steady decline for years (1886: the movie, Ryse: the movie)...reliability of the software you buy is bottom of the barrel (again; driveclub, the Halo anniversary thing, games like BF4, etc.)

I think both Sony and Xbox have some major work to do...personally I find the current state of gaming to be in the worst condition its ever been, at least since Arcades and the crap ports made for home consoles...

DLConspiracy2761d ago


I think its fair to say that you are not an Xbox fan. You tend to be negative about anything Xbox/ms related while throwing flowers at anything that might compete with them. That's fine. Its your opinion and we can all hide behind our opinions to strike stealth concerns in these comments.

Its easy to say there are not enough games during a drought. Just like it was easy for people to say that about PS last fall-winter drought. With all the people who say that MS pays for reviews and just about anything to make them look good. I would assume they certainly have enough money throw bags of cash at plenty more games. Games that take many years to develope.

The fact of the matter is that some people just like to game and some of those people actually like gaming on Xbox. They don't need to be manipulated in order to like Xbox either. Perhaps that's just what they like and they enjoy the nostalgia that comes along with it. You make it seem sometimes that people are morons for choosing to buy from such a manipulative corporation. As if there are not teams of people who work for Sony who figure out ways to market and manipulate people to buy their products.

Neither of these companies are a mom and pop store. They are billion dollar companies.

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AngelicIceDiamond2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

"If Xbox wants to succeed, it's library must be as diverse as the target audience and right now, that just isn't the case."

MS games aren't the most diverse but they're more diverse than they ever been.

From games ranging loads of crossplay indies, Battletoads remake more remakes to be announced to AAA's, casual Kinect games (handful at least) Japanese centric games like Scalebound to Phantom Dust

Halo 5 first person, Quantum Break third person Fable Legends third perspn 4v1 RTS elements.

Plus more.

MS goal is to develop 1st party and grow it.

"The only way that Xbox will grow and flourish is when Microsoft begins to understand that gamers aren't a cash cow,"

I agree, the old MS was money hungry hippos. That's why part of MS vision is to create remakes such as Battletoads or other either niche or aren't system sellers, widely popular older Ip's.

MS isn't looking at the money so much this time around, Whats gonna sale and how much its gonna sale. That what Halo and Gears are for.

Its about satisfying the gamer bringing back old games. MS doesn't have to do this but its part of their vision.

PoSTedUP2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

i dont disgree, but also, the way i see it: MS did great last gen, they jumped the gun and were in an all out sprint, while sony were running fast and hard to catch up. MS fell this gen (like, tripped-up) while sonys momentum from last gen blew right past their stumble. MS are now running hard to catch up, but it all depends on how much more momentum sony is going to build to keep it going bc right now they are a freight train and full bore. MS have made the necessary changes, but thats not to say they will or are going to be trusted again. they have a long way to prove their worth as far as being an honest-and-loyal-to-the-gamers company bc of their big mistakes. right now they only look to be covering their tracks, while i dont think they will seem like a wolf in sheeps clothing forever, it all depends on if they dont mess up again bc they are on thin ice on that front; giving the gamers what they want is a good thing, and thats what they are doing, but earning our respect is a totally different task and just as an, if not more, important and dire feat to accomplish.

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gangsta_red2761d ago

"'s library must be as diverse as the target audience and right now, that just isn't the case."

Really? Screamride, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Deadrising 3, Ryse, D4, KI, seriously what diversity are you looking for. The only thing they don't have from their 1st or 2nd party studios is JRPG's but that is an entirely different conversation.

So it's strange to see this type of comments when the diversity for anyone who owns a Xbox One or even a 360 is definitely there.

JRPGs, Flight Simulation, Strategy, Tactical RPGs, Space Exploration...

The PS4 doesn't even have some of those and the 360 had more than it's share of those genres too. So again what was the point of your comment? Your comment just reeks of never owning a Xbox or you just came on here to parrot the same old fanboy nonsense of "Why everyone hates MS".

"Microsoft begins to understand that gamers aren't a cash cow, rather gamers are a resource that should be developed, harnessed, cultivated, and encouraged to grow."

You are acting like gamers are some sort of mining resource deep in the south American jungle to be harvested and sent 1st world countries. News flash, Sony, Nintendo, MS and every other gaming company are competing for your money, end of story.

Manipulate? How? Ignore, when? MS may have stumbled as any other company might have but they are definitely on the right track and providing their users with everything they ask for with more to come.

Ridiculous comment.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2761d ago

And most of those games aren't even 1st party. They're payed 3rd party games. If it isn't Halo, Gears, For a, Crackdown, or Fable MS doesn't wanna invest in their 1st party studios developing it. They rather let others do it for them.

AngelicIceDiamond2761d ago

@Prince If you don't know what your talking about why comment.

Why embarrass yourself like this. Why put yourself through that?

christocolus2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )


Don't feed him. He is always talking the same BS in every Xbox article. its really sad now.

AngelicIceDiamond2761d ago

@Hugs JRPGs, Flight Simulation, Strategy, Tactical RPGs, Space Exploration...

"Shooters, niche action and fighting games will only take the Xbox One so far."

Isn't that what you just posted? Flight simulator, Strategy, Tactical RPGS are niche genres.

I'm not sure what your saying. MS has some of these titles. Especially in the indie category.

I mean MS has MMO NeverWinter and a few MOBA's hitting the consoles like SMITE and Gigantic, plus Elite Dangerous that space simulator.

Just proof you don't pay much attention to Xbox related stuff. I mean they had an entire panel talking about what games are hitting X1 and of course PC.

gangsta_red2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

That's what so puzzling? MS just announced Fable Legends which looks to be a strategy game, Smite a MOBA, Gigantic which is a team based arena style shooter with a unique spin on gameplay elements not found for it's type of genre, Elite Dangerous is making it's debut on Xbox which is a space simulator, not to mention Project Spark which is another game I didn't mention above and that game has an infinite of variety.

I swear, I love the trolling like comments disguised as being concerned for the everyday gamer. The whole manipulative and ignore remarks right there just proved the undertone spite Hugs has for the Xbox brand.

"What I do hate is liars, manipulators, con-men, and schemers who make up stories in order to deceive, use double-speak and riddles to conceal flaws,"

What's so funny is this quote in his second comment right here which is exactly what he did in his first post. He tried to say Xbox has no variety, then gave examples of genres that are not even present on current competing platforms in the way he makes you want to believe. Lies, double speak and manipulation all within two of his comments.

Kiwi662761d ago

Funny how you say they need strategy games when there is about 5 on xb1 already and another 10 due through out this year so heres an idea do just a bit of research before you say what xbox needs

nowitzki20042761d ago

They want to kill console gaming, that way everyone is on PC giving them more money.

DarkvsLight2761d ago

Oh I see. You are a Playstation gamer trolling a Microsoft article. I actually made an account here because of your personal opinion. First off, of course Microsoft has an agenda. To make money. DUH. What do you think Sonys agenda is? To go broke? Are you that naive? Lets face it, you don't seem to understand the basic concept of diversity. How about you just hang with what you know, PlayStation. And before you can prattle on about how I don't understand anything, I've been playing Micorsoft games since Dos. No, I don't care how much you think PlayStation is better. Yes, I have an Xbox. Actually, I have all three of them. Yes, I might be a grown fan boy, but you wont see me trolling PlayStation. Good on you for being happy with your choice. 👍 Now, how about going back to your game system and enjoy some games.

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WizzroSupreme2761d ago

Make a great Banjo Kazooie game, that's what.

ScorpiusX2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Am ready for whatever product MS wants to send to retail, Checks, Credit, Cash at the ready. So bring it . (1,2,3 set go ..Lol)

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Insomnia_842761d ago

To follow PlayStation in every move, Say whatever Sony says, etc. That's basically what they've been doing after everyone rejected the XBone at first.

Microsoft wants Xbox to be PlayStation soooo bad!

MasterBaker2761d ago

And Sony want microsofts money soooo bad! Lol

tinynuggins2761d ago

I hope that's not the case. I don't want Xbox to go the Playstation route. I'm happy with Xbox as it is now. Keep bringing the games!

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