Castle in the Darkness Review - Morbid Play

Bad Demoman writes, "Castle in the Darkness is a game I very much so wanted to love. A Metroidvania that touts itself as ''Fast-paced, challenging, and full of secrets!''. While its far from inspired in the current indie game marketplace (I swear its impossible to go a few weeks without seeing a pixely parody of Symphony of the Night), I'm always interested to see what new Metroidvanias can bring to the table."

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Castle in the Darkness Review | Twinfinite

Castle in the Darkness is the labor of love project developer Matt Kap has been hard at work designing. Is this retro, action-platformer doomed to be nothing more than a Shovel Knight clone? Or something in a league of its own?

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Have Game, Will Play: Castle in The Darkness Review | GameEnthus

A decent sword, the willingness to die(and not give up) and a handful of pixels make quite the combination.
Castle in The Darkness from Matt Kap

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Castle In The Darkness Review | RealGamerNewz

Jon of RGN writes, "With content updates promised and a full, complete package currently on offer for retro gamers and newcomers alike, Castle In The Darkness is one of the most fun filled indie titles of the year. Easily more entertaining than some of last year’s top picks in the genre, this exploratory twitch-paced Action RPG meets Platformer never fails to satisfy. Players are able to pick up and resume where they left off without any stress since the game proceeds in the most logical of manners. In this day and age, there’s something to be said about a game that gets gameplay right, provides charming aura / atmosphere, and knows where its roots are."

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